My favorite song by Tagore moved by music weekly challenge,translation and post by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a song,I heard when I was still in Junior high school. The first time I heard it,I wanted to keep on listening to it. I sat and kept listening to it until I felt my sister’s friend might think I am crazy. After a long time I found the song on YouTube,this time I decided to translate into English. It is a song written by Rabindranath Tagore,our most popular Poet. The lyrics are in Bengali,the language of our dear country Bengal.

The title is, “Chiro Aami”        ” Forever Me”

When my footsteps are no longer imprinted on this place,

I will not row my boat to this wharf,

I will complete my buying and selling,I will take care of my dues,

My going and coming will stop to this market___

You need not remember me then,

Or look at the stars and call me.

When my musical instrument is covered with dust,

There will be thorny creepers growing around my house,

The garden will resemble an exile covered with thick grass,

Moss and lichen will surround the pond___

You need not remember me ,

Do not look at the stars and call me.

The flute will sound the same as now,

Days will go on exactly the same as today.

The wharves will be filled with boats  like now,

The cows will graze,and the shepherds will play.

You need not remember me ,

Or call me by looking above at the stars.

Who can say  I am not there that morning?

I will participate in all the games.

I will be called by a new name,I will have new friends,

I will come and go forever .

You need not remember me then,

Or look at the stars and call me.

This is the lyrics written by Tagore,he made everyone aware everything will go on as usual,except his house,garden and pond will show signs of his absence.

When I first heard this I was unaware this was a song he wrote to let his fans know, he will not be there but nothing else will change. In the last verse he gives a hint of reincarnation.

Submitted by Ranu,

Daily Post Prompt: Crisis

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Crisis

There is a saying:  “no human can ever harm you as long as God is on your side.”

It probably sounds odd to say ‘God on your side,’ by it I mean we have to sincerely ask for divine help, to overcome any kind of crisis. Years ago my parents and siblings and I  were caught in a warzone. Our neighbors told us to leave our house immediately if we wanted to be alive.

Our belongings were packed in suitcases, which we intended to take with us, we left everything and set out on our way to a shelter which was provided by my Dad’s boss.

On and on we walked, not knowing if we’d survive this crisis, my mom carried her holy books which in her mind would save us. We reached the place after a long strenuous walk.

We stayed in the shelter for a couple of days. From there we boarded a train, hoping to reach the place where we didn’t have to worry  about getting killed. We did reach our safe haven and were thankful knowing we won’t ever have to face this difficult situation again.

With the way things are in the world today, it’s not certain, when someone would decide to attack and kill innocent people. We can no longer take things for granted, danger can present itself in a matter of seconds.

We must learn to treat each other well regardless of our color, language or religion, toleration is something we should think about.


Daily post prompt :Elusive

In response to daily post one-word prompt : Elusive

image from wikipedia: the part in red is where Kurukshtra is located

HaryanaKurukshetra.png (600×700)

This is a quote from Bhagavad Gita:

“In a very clear and wonderful way, under the guise of a physical warfare, the Gita describes the dual that perpetually goes on in the hearts of each one of us; a fight of dharma,justice, against adharma, evil, injustice. The battle takes place not only on the fields of  Kurukshetra, but also on the “Elusive,” dharmakshetra, ‘field of dharma,’  a spiritual field within each one of us where all moral struggles are waged.”   ___ Bhagavad Gita



Daily Post Prompt: Sanctuary

In response to daily post one-word prompt : Sanctuary

Sometimes it can be tricky if one gives shelter to a stranger. This happened to us in Comilla( Bangladesh). My mother had a very soft heart whenever someone asked for help she’d give it to them without knowing the background of the person.

One evening a man came to our door asking for shelter, he said he didn’t have a place to go,and wanted to work and stay in our house, we the siblings were not sure he was all that innocent as he pretended to be, for starters he had a bag which contained expensive shirts, we were sure he’d stolen them. Mom refused to listen to us.

On a hot day one evening we sat outside in our verandah, we were hearing some strange noise in the other part of the house, we ignored it and we even said, “Hey you thief you better not steal anything in our house.”

We were laughing and repeating this every few minutes, i.e do not steal. Little did we know this was exactly what the thief was doing. After staying out for couple of hours, we went to bed.

Next morning our young servant from mom’s village told us, the man mom gave shelter to  had disappeared and stole a lot of things while we were joking around. There was no way to find his whereabouts, he didn’t tell us where he came from. We did notice he had a funny Bengali accent, which we told mom, she kept saying we were mean and to stop finding faults in this guy, who  we thought was a crook. It was a lesson we all learned, more so my pious mom who agreed she must not give shelter and a job to an unknown man.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!


The Daily Post Prompt : Punishment

In response to daily post prompt : Punishment

There is a saying, “The punishment does not fit the crime.”

In my family’s case it’s true, the fact my Dad passed away @age 47 leaves us wondering, why did we get the ultimate punishment, we were young and innocent, we spent our time playing and going to school, we did not disobey our parents, teachers or elders. Why did we become orphans at such a tender age?

My complaint is to God, He couldn’t dislike us we according to us never mistreated any one. Our father’s passing so early left us bewildered. My mom was a pious woman, she did not envy or talk against any one. My Dad did not like nepotism he refused to help my eldest brother get a job, he was influential but did not allow himself to give his son a job because it was against his principle.

Perhaps our crime was we were carefree, happy and enjoyed our childhood immensely. Can this be our crime I wonder? Did the punishment we received fit the crime?

Then again my Moral Science book said,” Man can be happy to some extent but cannot attain perfect happiness.”

I understand now, for all the happiness we got had to be balanced by sadness, hence the price we paid was the passing of my Dad.



The Daily Post Prompt: Slowly

In response to daily post’s one -word prompt : Slowly

After reading the prompt,’Slowly,’ instantly, I found ,’Charles Wolf’s poem echoing in my mind:

The burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna

Slowly and sadly we laid him down,

From the field of his fame fresh and gory;

We carved not a line, and we raised not a stone,

But we left him alone with his glory.

I can imagine the mood of his people how they felt leaving him all alone. This was a mournful poem.

At the same time I thought of the race between the hare and the tortoise. The hare zoomed ahead, seeing the tortoise coming slowly, he decided to take a nap, thinking he’d be able to cross the finish long before the tortoise.

Meanwhile the tortoise toiled  away on  the race path slowly and steadily and reached the finish line before the hare who was taking his nap and was overconfident he’d won the race because he was so much faster.

The moral of the story: Slow and Steady wins the race.

Grandville_tortoise.jpg (892×696)


The Daily Post Prompt: Carefree

In response to daily post’s prompt: Carefree

I sometimes wonder about a carefree person. I know children are usually easy going, they have nothing to worry, the adults in their lives take care of their needs regularly.

With the invention of TV,and all other gadgets, and the internet, perhaps has come in the way of an innocent child. They too like adults are trying to gain access to every form of technology to become COOL.

When I was a child, I was easy going, I was happy with the little things in life. My Dad did not allow us to have a radio in the house, for  he said, “You do not need any distraction from your studies.”

I was okay with it so were my other siblings even my eldest brother.

We played after school with each other, we did not squabble, we had limited things to play with. In our house marbles kept us busy, the little round things made of glass kept us busy.

There was a game we played with, it was called Pitthoo, we collected some flat stones from our neighborhood, layered one on top of the other and then we tried to break it with a tennis ball.

Here is a youtube video showing how the game is played.

This was our game that gave us maximum enjoyment. You wouldn’t call us COOL, but we sure had tons of fun and were as Carefree as  my little cat, who has no worries.


The Daily Post Prompt : Depth, Tagore song, translated by Ranu showing depth

In response to daily post’s prompt : Depth



The poet is requesting the wind to blow gently:

Slowly, slowly, slowly blow O dear crazy wind

Midnight’s flute is playing

Be calm, be calm , O dear restless wind

I am the flame of the lamp, because of you I fearfully

stay awake alone

What’s on your mind I pray you quietly whisper in my ears

softly, softly,  O crazy wind

Your string of verse in the distant forest

lands in the corner of my house

O restless wind I have

Something to say to the early morning star

accept  those words quietly in your ears

O dear restless wind!


Daily Post Prompt: Feast

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Feast

A Wedding Feast

Image from Wikipedia

Bangladeshi_Food.JPG (4608×3456)

In my home in Bangladesh, we had to have all kinds of meat in a feast. There was chicken, beef, mutton added to these different meats fish was  also cooked. The most popular fish was Hilsa fish, which kind of resembles Shad. but Hilsa is tastier than Shad.

Vegetable was also prepared, it depends on the season, cauliflower,tomatoes, beans are available during winter. We have a variety of squash as well, they are not the kind available in North America.

My mom enjoyed cooking during our two Eid, one is Eid-ul Fitr, this comes after a whole month of fasting and the other one is Eid al Azha, this one is two months ten days after Eid-al-Fitr. During Eid-al Azha, an animal is sacrificed, in the Middle East they sacrifice a camel. We sacrifice cow or goat. On this occasion the moms are busy, sending some beef to friends and relatives.

The meat of the animal is divided into three parts, one part is distributed to the poor people, the other part is shared among friends and relatives. The third part is for the family.

After completing the distribution mothers and wives cook their share of the meat in a variety of ways. During Eid-al Azha, lot of meat is consumed.

We have a feast during these celebrations.