My favorite song by Tagore moved by music weekly challenge,translation and post by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a song,I heard when I was still in Junior high school. The first time I heard it,I wanted to keep on listening to it. I sat and kept listening to it until I felt my sister’s friend might think I am crazy. After a long time I found the song on YouTube,this time I decided to translate into English. It is a song written by Rabindranath Tagore,our most popular Poet. The lyrics are in Bengali,the language of our dear country Bengal.

The title is, “Chiro Aami”        ” Forever Me”

When my footsteps are no longer imprinted on this place,

I will not row my boat to this wharf,

I will complete my buying and selling,I will take care of my dues,

My going and coming will stop to this market___

You need not remember me then,

Or look at the stars and call me.

When my musical instrument is covered with dust,

There will be thorny creepers growing around my house,

The garden will resemble an exile covered with thick grass,

Moss and lichen will surround the pond___

You need not remember me ,

Do not look at the stars and call me.

The flute will sound the same as now,

Days will go on exactly the same as today.

The wharves will be filled with boats  like now,

The cows will graze,and the shepherds will play.

You need not remember me ,

Or call me by looking above at the stars.

Who can say  I am not there that morning?

I will participate in all the games.

I will be called by a new name,I will have new friends,

I will come and go forever .

You need not remember me then,

Or look at the stars and call me.

This is the lyrics written by Tagore,he made everyone aware everything will go on as usual,except his house,garden and pond will show signs of his absence.

When I first heard this I was unaware this was a song he wrote to let his fans know, he will not be there but nothing else will change. In the last verse he gives a hint of reincarnation.

Submitted by Ranu,


Daily Prompt : Study

In response to prompt : Study

Allama Iqbal , Online Course

A few years ago I developed an interest to study about Allama Iqbal. It began as a curiosity, after I read two lines of his poem in Urdu.

In it Iqbal says: (this is the English translation.) Though the mosque was built overnight by the believers, our heart being old sinners for years, could not be devout.

When I read these lines my curiosity was at its height, I could not wait to find out, why Iqbal wrote this poem.

During my research, I accidentally found out, there is an online course about Iqbal. I registered for the course in 2011.

I’m still studying it. Now I feel it’s worth it, it helps me study about the poet, his beliefs and his role in carving out a country for the Muslim population in the Indian sub-continent.

……………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Entertain

In response to prompt : Entertain

Ilahi or Divine

I find it amazing how one word can take me back to a time when I was a little girl. The word is Ilahi, it means, Divine.

My mom employed a helper, to help her in her cooking, her name was Ilahi(Divine), she looked after us as if we were her  children. In return I spent a fair bit of  time interacting with her.

One morning my mom was calling her by her name, then she jokingly said, ‘Isn’t it wonderful to have someone who reminds me of the Divine?’

You might wonder what does this have to do with the prompt, Entertainment?

I’d say a lot. One day Divine asked me if I’d go to her house to have dinner, that she’d cook for me. I saw nothing wrong, I immediately answered yes.

My Mom thought nothing of it and gave me permission to go with her. She had a modest house, but  a big heart, she cooked all kinds of delicious food for me. Which I found tasty, this was her way of  entertaining me.

There is a saying, “food is the best way of entertaining ones near and dear  to them.”

I loved her food, her cooking skill and more than everything her big heart.

This reminds me of a Haitian proverb, which observes that, ‘poor people have a big heart!’

…………………………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Static

In response to prompt :   Static

I like prices of food when it remains static,

I’m weary of those who are overly dramatic.

Some changes are helpful, some are not,

Like when my apple changes from fresh to rot.

Some things in life are better when they’re unchanged,

Like the national Anthem of all the Nations of the World!

…………………………………. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Evoke

In response to prompt :  Evoke

My Little Cousin

In her little cradle, lay my pretty cousin,

Unaware of me, watching the toy buzzing.

She was pretty, quiet and a contented baby,

Her behavior was just like a nice lady.

Sadly she was a victim of a vicious fire,

Smell of fire evokes  memory of  my cousin Farah!

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Daily Prompt : Carve

In response to prompt : Carve

Lot of invaders came to India to settle, and carve out an empire for themselves. The one Empire that lasted for more than three hundred years, was the Mughal Empire founded by Babur.

After the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, came the British, who had a similar plan, but they started by convincing the local citizens, they were there only  for trade.

It wasn’t long when they showed their real color and shaped a new empire which they called the, “British Empire.”

The British rule in India lasted for one hundred ninety years!

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Daily Prompt : Undulate

In response to prompt : Undulate

I saw her left hand undulate, like a snake,

The scene amused me while the lawn bid me to rake.

I must say raking  leaves off my lawn is a tedious job,

But watching her left hand oscillate  helps me do my job!

………………………………. 🙂




Daily Prompt : Brilliant

In response to prompt : Brilliant

When the little infant copied his mother’s printed letters,

His parent’s friend said, he’d wear bright gold sweaters.

Whether he wore those sweaters or not no one can say,

But he did become a brilliant student this much is true.

He was ten years old when he registered in a graduate school,

No one can deny he was the  most gifted boy who was a  jewel!

……………………………………… 🙂




Daily Prompt : Forlorn

In response to prompt : Forlorn

She looked at the neglected home, its windows were dirty, the broken doors; it seemed no one entered this home, it looked forlorn and miserable.

Despite its appearance she saw something that pulled her like a magnet. Suddenly she made up her mind to buy it and change its look.

When she called the real estate agent about buying the house. The agent almost had a heartache, ‘you’re not serious are you?’

She smiled and replied, ‘I am serious, I’ve seen it from outside,  I’d like to renovate and change its appearance, so that no one will think of it as a forlorn and wretched home!’

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Daily Prompt : Funnel

In response to one-word prompt : Funnel

The funnel is a very  useful thing,

It helps poring liquid without spilling.

Whoever invented it made our job easy,

Or else we’d flood the floors and go crazy.

God created humans knowing they’d be smart,

It was His way of showing Angels, His fine Art!

……………………………… 🙂