poetry By Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath  Tagore,his last name is Thakur,it was changed for the benefit of non-Bengalis who had trouble ,pronouncing it.As a child I had read a lot of poems of Robi Thakur as he was called by Bengalis out of tremendous affection for him.I enjoy reading poetry in the languages I know.Robi Thakur wrote volumes.He was a very talented man,he wrote lyrics for his songs  took care of the music as well.There were a few he sang himself.

He published his songs.The collection was called Gitanjoli.The book of songs were very popular.His songs were used in movies.Robi Thakur’s songs are mostly melancholic,they depict the daily life of an average Bengali.Although he came from a very wealthy family,he understood the pain of the people.His songs were encouraging for the people whom he loved dearly.It requires a lot of understanding to appreciate his songs.the following is one of his poems,he was also the translator.

Roop shagorey doob diyechi

aroop raton asha kori;

ghatey ghatey ghoorbo na aar

bhashiye amar jirna tori.

shomaye  jaino hoi ray ebaar

dhaioo khawa chukiye debaar,

shudhaaye ebaar toliye giye

aumor  hoye robo mori

English translation

I dive down into the ocean of forms,hoping to gain the perfect form of


No more sailing from harbour to harbour

with this my weather- beaten boat.

The days are long passed when my sport

was to be tossed on waves

Written and translated by Rabindranath Tagore

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