weekly photo challenge : inside

When I looked at the picture of your cat ,it reminded me of my cat Thursday.She was named by my daughter.She was a very sweet cat.whenever she did something I didn’t approve,she would look at me and
say meeow! i.;e I did something bad.She died a few years ago.I miss her very much.

Time To Be Inspired

Since I haven’t posted my son’s cat lately, this seemed like the perfect challenge. If you’ve looked at my blog before, you’ll know that Kush the cat LOVES to get into things. Here she is inside a suitcase (helping me pack) and inside a stack of bowls which I foolishly left sitting empty on the table. Obviously that was a perfect nap spot.

luggage cat

cat in a bowlThen I thought I’d share a lovely big tree that was growing right in the middle of a restaurant. The base was so big that at first I didn’t even realize that it was a live tree trunk. But as you can see from the last photo, that tree is growing inside the restaurant. Really.

live tree trunk

restaurant exterior showing treeThis is El Paragua Restaurant in Espanola, New Mexico. The restaurant is historic with a reputation for good New Mexican cuisine. Personally I think they are coasting on their reputation (note the dates…

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5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : inside

  1. I have had 3 cats in my lifetime. My first cat lived for 19 years, my second cat lived for 17 years, and Kush is really my son’s cat and she is only about 3. It will be very tough to part with her when my son comes home from his travels in December… Thanks for reposting my photos!

  2. Greetings,

    Very nice photo! We have two cats, the cat in this photo looking very similar to one of ours. Her name is Layla.

    All good wishes,


    • I Reblogged this from WordPress.We had a cat that just looked like her.She died a couple
      of years ago.Her name was Thursday,Selina my daughter named her,because she got her on a Thursday.
      I wrote to the owner of this blog.She is a very nice lady.She sent me some lovely pictures.
      Thank you Robert.

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