Jean-Talon Market in Montreal

The market was opened in 1933 by Mayor Camillien Houde.It started in a small building.

It could be accessed from  the North or the South end of the market.It used to be a playing field.

Citizens from neighbouring  parishes were its clientele in the beginning.It changed when it was growing

and everyone started to love the fresh fruits and the vegetables the vendors brought to sell.There were Italian

Canadians who were familiar with the open markets,who gave it it a particular European flavour.

Now the small market has grown into

Patisserie area,they looked delicious,I did not buy any.

Here are some delicious Samosas and chicken.I bought some for us.

In front of the juice box.It is fresh and tasty.I liked the mango juice.

This is the market in Jean Talon,the customers are deciding what to buy.

a very large place.Besides fruits and vegetables.there are lot of shops

where we can buy variety of food.

My favourite was the fresh vegetables and fruit.I liked the juice stand where the fresh juice was made in front

of us.I loved the mango juice the most.I have taken some pictures of some of the stalls that really look attractive.

8 thoughts on “Jean-Talon Market in Montreal

    • Hi Robert,Thank you.My daughter and I went for a visit from August 1st-August 8th.It is a beautiful city,
      you are really going to like it.All the best to you.

  1. I think that your blog is acquiring its definitive characteristic now, with pictures and text going together to create this captivating effect in diverse themes – from world literature to personal interests and nostalgia :-).

    • Dear Mr.Shafique,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.I sometimes feel,I must write about a variety
      of topic.
      I have taken up an entirely different subject to challenge myself.I am afraid of being
      disappointed,but then I also remind myself that, ” Failure is the Pillar of Success.”
      I am hoping I would not be too disappointed and will continue to challenge myself,in spite
      of the result.
      Thank you again and I must also mention Robert as well, as he always writes the right
      things to keep me focused and happy to know that at least there are some people who show their
      All the best to you and Robert.

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