My life as a tennis racquet


tennis (Photo credit: Marc Di Luzio)

I  happen to be a Racquet,I am bruised and battered by my owner,yet I cannot complain.I have no voice.My owner is a famous player.He treats me as he sees fit.The other day he was playing in a grand slam tennis tournament.Things were not working out for him,he kept making the wrong shots,at this point I knew my days are numbered.I knew he is not going to admit,he is having a bad day.

We all are guilty of pinning our mistakes on others.This day all the blame,came my way.My owner was doing everything right,I was the one making all the mistakes.

After a lot of unpleasant words  with the umpire,all the anger was directed towards me.He took me and started battering me.It came to a point when I was no longer fit to be played with.I was thrown a few times on the ground and then all was quiet.I no longer looked like the handsome racquet  I was,but an ugly twisted piece of crap.I landed in the dump with others who had the similar fate.No one remembers what a dutiful servant I had been.

A Wilson brand tennis racquet with a Roger Fed...

A Wilson brand tennis racquet with a Roger Federer theme and name on it. Racquet has a 4 1/2 inch grip. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)