The cook who outwits his employer Part—–Two

Gepetto with marionettes

Gepetto with marionettes (Photo credit: Peter E. Lee)

Remember,Alfie the cook?you might wonder what kind of stunt is he pulling now?You will be sad to know,”he is simply resting on his laurels .” He compares his achievement to Roger Federer’s Seventeen Grand Slam tennis titles.While Roger wants to add to his collection,Alfie thinks of  his remarkable talent as something no one can surpass,even Roger.

Well ,we all know the proverb, ” Pride goes before a fall.” Alfie did not care what people thought of him.He spent his time cooking for his master and,thereby improving his skill.He was doing well in the Art of cooking and  feeling extremely chirpy.One day his mother said,Alph my darling it’s time for you to tie the knot.He of course was not in a hurry where that is concerned.His mom would not give up coaxing him.Being a dutiful son,he gave in to his mother’s request.He had a very quiet wedding,his motto was to spend the least possible amount of money for the occasion.Luckily for him his would be in-laws were just as stingy.

Alphie’s  friends noticed he was getting so fat.he could almost be compared to a balloon.A year later Alfie’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.Mr. smart was very happy.He made plans,how he was going to raise his son.His son must learn how to cook and be a smart person.These are the two things that will help his little boy.

The teaching started,when his son Gepetto was twelve,he loved this name and thought it would be perfect for the teenager.Meanwhile Gepetto was slowly but surely acquiring his father’s two important skills, learning to cook and being witty.The cooking was done well by the young man.To outsmart anyone was rather iffy.

The father  and son decided to challenge each other before displaying their talent in public.The challenge was to be held on a rather unique day.They both agreed they will pick one day in winter.A day when nature was having a good time treating people with the strongest blizzard in living memory.As expected the dreaded storm started early in the morning.The house where they lived was covered all around with snow.Within a few hours the roof was filled with snow.The question that came  in the mind of the father and the son was how are they going to outsmart nature.None of them were willing to give in.They said to each other,”We will succeed,but how are we going to do it,we cannot stop it,we cannot talk to it.Frustrated,both sat down and began to weep.The agony of defeat and the fear of losing their house because of so much snow on the roof,brought them down to earth.Each said to the other,”we have been too sure of ourselves and dared to outsmart the weather,it has taught us one lesson,”Pride goes before a fall”.They calmed themselves and got up on the roof to clear the snow.They saved their house and promised never to lie again.The lesson they both learned is lying to outsmart someone is a trait God does not like.But if one uses their intelligence to help themselves and others will win out in the long run.

Roger Federer beating Lleyton Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7...

Roger Federer beating Lleyton Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7-6 in the Semi Finals of the Wimbledon Championships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “The cook who outwits his employer Part—–Two

  1. Alphei’s part two shows that wisdom is more important than wit. In this part you have very effectively maintained that lie and deceit cannot be termed as virtuous and therefore in end it all comes to naught, the only thing that survives is goodness and truth. Extremely happy to read this, but at the same time waiting for another episode of Alphie and Geppetto in some other setting!

    • Thank you sir,this time I will have to sit and think,before I start typing,and make me dependent on the mercy of my brain.
      Thank you,I sure will give it a try.I will have to think,I am writing for the kids I taught for extra motivation.Kids can be quite critical.
      When they perch themselves in the comment box,they will surely speak their mind.Regardless of the fact,they are judging their teacher.

  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for this part two of Alphie’s adventures!

    You have depicted vice and virtue so well with this story.

    Your story reminds me of the day Hurricane Katrina rolled through. We then lived right in its path. While some sat still, others scampered to escape, doing what they could to stay safe.

    All good wishes,


    • As usual your comment is really great.Mr. Dar wanted to see what happens in the next part.
      I am told by Mr.Dar now,he wants to see Alphie and Gepetto in another setting.I will have to think of something.
      This time I want the kids I taught to be the judges.When kids are given the role of the teacher’s, will be surprised
      how their mind works.I am thinking,I will imagine my kids are judging my work.Do you think it will be worth finding out?
      Here I want your input as well.Who knows, we may come up with something worth reading!

      • Hi Ranu,

        Kids are indeed bright when they’re allowed to be so. I think it would be worth finding out how the minds of your students work. Maybe you’ll let us know :-).

        All good wishes,


      • What I am going to do will be, I will think about them In my imagination I will draw a picture of each one, and then say,”I wonder what Mark would say,how about Bobby.
        Josh,David,Heather,Melanie and her friend Brianne”I will place their Names on the drawing board with different suggestions and
        pick up each piece of paper with their name.Based on this game,I will start writing the third part of the story.
        How does it Sound,okay?

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