The adventures Of Alphie and Gepetto!

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Anzac Bridge & Sydney harbour Bridge from Glebe Point (Suburban Sydney, Australia) IMG_6421 View On Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: A panoramic view of the Sydney skyline as viewed across Sydney Harbour from Kirribilli. Taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 100mm f/2.8 lens. This is an exposure blended image. Français : Vue panoramique de Sydney depuis Kirribilli avec le bassin de Port Jackson au premier plan. Photo prise avec un appareil Canon EOS 5D et un objectif 100mm f/2.8. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Screenshot of Alpine e-mail client version 2.00. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Correio (Postman). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In part one it was all about Alphie,the cook.Part two the focus shifted to Alphie’s extended family,his wife and his son. .Alphie was still in-charge.He trained his son to cook and and challenge everyone about his wit.The former was all right for Gepetto.He had some negative feeling about being witty.Which led to their defeat.

Having faced defeat quite soundly.Alphie decided to lay low for a while and gave himself time to think.It did not look as though he had given up on being witty.He now is thinking of re-entering the world of wit.His idea was to get Gepetto involved.On hearing what his Dad had up his sleeve.He was certain he will have a war of words with his Dad.

The task Alphie had before him was not going to be a piece of cake.He needed to get his brain to co-operate with him.It was getting more apparent to the wife,The phrase,” once a crook always a crook.” she knew,it won’t be easy for her to bring Alphie back to reality.Reality according to Alphie was doing what he knew best,showing how cunning he was,which is an extraordinary way of becoming famous.It does not require much intelligence,this way no one gets hurt and he retains his name as the most witty person on this side of the globe.Alphie started thinking about his good pal Charlie,checked his mail and amazingly enough,there was mail waiting for him, from his buddy Charlie.This made him quite energetic.They started corresponding with each other via email.Isn’t this awesome he told himself.He no longer has to wait for mail through the post office which is a lousy service.Sometimes the mail takes a week to be delivered within the city. “I applaud the person who made our life so much easier.Charlie and I have already made plans.He wants me to visit Australia,how neat is that “!

Alphie told his family,they will be taking a trip to Australia next week.They were invited by his friend Charlie to visit him and his family.

The family got ready for the trip and on the day of their travel.Gepetto’s excitement reached its limit.He was like a bird, caged so long that, the very idea of freedom was making him completely insane.” I understand why you are,so excited, but Gepetto,you are being watched by the rest of the passengers,who knows, what they are thinking.” Gepetto, yelled out,”they will think my parents did not teach me,how to behave in public, right Dad?” Gepetto’s parents breathed a sigh of relief,when they landed safely in Sydney!Charlie was at the airport waiting,the friends hugged each other after the introduction,they all whisked their way to Charlie’s home. This time Charlie introduced his family,his wife Mary and son Bobby.Mary had already set the table.The food was delicious and Gepetto ate as if he was not fed for days.It was now time for bed.So they all went to their respective rooms.Alfie and his family were sound asleep,when the breakfast bell was rung few times,Alphie woke up and called his wife and Gepetto to get ready at once.After breakfast they sat around to discuss their plans of how they will spend the week.

To be continued!