Alphie and Charlie’s Family Visit The Sydney Opera House

English: Sydney Opera House tiling, Sydney, Au...

English: Sydney Opera House tiling, Sydney, Australia. Deutsch: Das Dach der Oper mit den vielen Kacheln im Detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sydney Opera House with a tall ship i...

English: Sydney Opera House with a tall ship in the foreground (part of the day of action) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The foyer of the Opera Theatre in the...

Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Australia.
Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Concert Theatre of Sydney Opera H...

Sydney Opera House under construction, 1968

Sydney Opera House under construction, 1968 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the third day’s visit,the children were happy to go wherever the adults wanted them to see and visit.The task was quite simple.The adults were interested to take a tour of,”The Sydney Opera House.” Although Charlie and his parents lived in Sydney,Charlie didn’t see the opera house.It was a gorgeous day for sight-seeing.Gepetto and Bobby were having the time of their life.All the two cared about was,no school,therefore no homework,plenty of junk food to eat and moving from place to place.This was the kind of life they always dreamed about,but they are tasting it now.They are wishing,”Time would stand still for them”.We all know that it cannot be so,all good times must come to an end.Suddenly Bobby dozed off and dreamed his teacher was yelling at him,saying,”,Bobby did you hit Angela,why is she crying,answer me now or you will be sent to the principal’s office?” In his dream,Bobby cried out loud,”No I did not do anything to her,she always gets me into trouble,I hate her.”Bobby,Bobby wake up you just had a night mare,you are not in school.We have reached the Opera house.”

They all got off and made their way into the concert hall,Alphie read about all the important buildings and volunteered to be their guide.He began with,”this is the concert hall,there are 2679 seats.They still have to book their seats when there is a concert.Gepetto was so impressed,he could not say anything.At last he broke his silence,”Mom,Dad can we stay here a bit longer,It is awesome,did you bring a camera Dad,can you take a picture,I want to show everything I have seen to my friends in school?Susan,Gepettos, Mom was relieved to hear her son talking,even if it sounded gibberish.The last place they visited was the utzon was named after the architect Jon utzon from Denmark.

In the end Gepetto wanted to show off.This is what he said,”Chuck a sicky mate.”(take the day off sick from work when you are perfectly healthy.)

Bobby said ,”Ace!(excellent)Charlie hollered okay everyone,let’s be on our way,”Mate.”

Alphie and his family’s second day in Sydney ,Australia

Coat of arms of Western Australia

Coat of arms of Western Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sandgroper (insect) - specimen of Wes...

English: Sandgroper (insect) – specimen of Western Australian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Opera House, Sydney, Australia Deutsc...

English: Opera House, Sydney, Australia Deutsch: Opera House, Sydney, Australien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After breakfast the two families sat in the living room to discuss their plan.Charlie, who was  a resident of Sydney,told his pal,there are a few interesting places,they could visit.These were Charlie’s picks.:1. Bondi beach

2.Sydney Opera House

3.Power House Museum(PHM)

4.Manly Scenic Walkway

5.Catch A Flavor Of the Aussie


The families had to decide in a hurry which one to pick first.They all voted to pick up number 5 first.Since Charlie told them,in case they wanted to get along well with the Aussies,It will be wise to grab a quick lesson or two at Australian slangs.Catch a flavor of the Aussie English.

“Good die mate”—don’t be surprised  if your Aussie friend,talked about your death,because he didn’t,you just heard it wrong.Charlie continued to talk about some of the slangs.He began saying,”In my initial days at down under,I often got stumbled at the special Aussie usage of the English language.Australians have their own lingo and accent and it’s very useful to pick up a few phrase commonly used.”Good onya” means you have done a good job,”No worries” or “NO Dramas” can be added to finish any conversation and at times as a reply to a thank you,”A Banana Bender”,is a Queenslander,”Tassie” A Tasmanian,”Pommie”,an Englishman and a “Sandgroper”is a Western Australian and everyone else is just a mate.Most Australians have an amazing sense of humour.After the initial orientation,they were yet to decide,where will they go first.The unanimous decision was Bondi Beach.They looked at the photographs and felt it would be a relaxing visit.

They packed their bags,the ladies were in-charge of the food.What is a vacation without food?when all the necessities were packed.Charlie beckoned the families to get on board.On their way to the beach they saw some amazing things.Unfortunately they could not stop and walk around.They had to hurry on to the beach, before it got overcrowded.Charlie reached the destination in record time.

Gepetto and Bobby were anxious to get their swimming gear on and jump into the water.The boys were thrilled,they did not have to do anything, it was left for the grown-ups.They were only meant to breathe the fresh air,have a few lapse of swimming,eat,drink and be merry.Talk about “,Merry?”They had that covered.However the fabulous day was about to end.And it was time for the passengers to get into the car and head home.Back in the house they talked about the beach and how much fun they had.Gepetto and Alphie could not stop talking about the food  prepared by the ladies! It was a lovely end of the second day.

“Good die mate.”

To be continued!