Alphie visits Dr. Edward

Dr. Edwards could sense,Alphie looked worried.He said,”You are my son’s friend ,I want what is best for you.” He knew he did not have to repeat what he said the day before.

“As a physician I have seen so many patients with multiple problems,I felt you are my own and I must tell you the dangers of overweight,there are just a few things to take care of,you have to change your diet,do regular exercise,there are experts who will be more than happy to help you.Once you are fit,just continue to take care of yourself.Within six months, I promise,you will be a changed and a happy man.” Alphie told Dr. Edwards,they were leaving the next day.

At home Alphie was very quiet ,he was not speaking to anyone.Susan tried to find out the reason.Alphie stayed silent.after a few days,he started to open up .He told his family about his visit with Dr. Edwards.They all agreed to help him in this crisis.Alphie  was happy to see his son,so motivated.

They all made a routine of how they should help Alphie as well as themselves.Days,weeks and months passed,the family was glad to see Alphie’s progress .The neighbours,friends and family members came in large droves to congratulate Alphie.They wanted to get his help and be fit like him.

Alphie and his family made plans to take another long trip.This time it will be business with pleasure.Let’s go to India Dad,Gepetto shouted! What a great idea Susan agreed with their son.Okay.Alphie agreed with them!

So long farewell,I cannot tell a lie,I am very tired ! See you all in India !

7 thoughts on “Alphie visits Dr. Edward

  1. Hi Ranu,

    Thank you for this post.

    I like this, as it depicts someone changing, and this change provoking change in others. Nothing ever occurs in a vacuum.

    All good wishes,


  2. Hi Ranu,

    I think you’ve been once step ahead of my thinking already. I sense something in terms of impacting the immediate and extended family.


    All good wishes,


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