Alphie and his family visit India

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A female flight attendant of Air Dolo...

English: A female flight attendant of Air Dolomiti (Italy) on board an Embraer 195 performing a Pre-flight safety demonstration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PIA flight attendant cutout

PIA flight attendant cutout (Photo credit: S.S.K.)

Alphie cautioned his family,since they were going for three weeks,they should pack their bags wisely.The small necessities like,tooth brush,comb,hair brush can be packed in the carry-on suitcase.Toothpaste however should not be more than 100ml.They checked the toiletries and were happy to see they had taken everything they needed.Next was their clothes ,they had to have enough for three weeks.The packing was completed.Alphie went through the list to make sure if he had finished packing.

He suddenly  remembered,to be ready they have to be vaccinated.They visited the Public Health Centre. This is where they will get their vaccination and travel documents.The preparation took them a week.Gepetto could not wait to be on their way.They had their passport,visa,tickets and other necessary documents in Alphie’s briefcase.

The day of their travel finally arrived.They were going to board the flight from was a huge plane.It was an Indian Air lines.Gepetto took his diary so he could write the names of all the places they would visit.

Alphie’s Mom and Dad came to see them off.Once on the plane the family were glad their seats were together.The flight attendant announced they are ready to take-off .Before that all the passengers had to fasten their seat belt,have their chair in up right position.since smoking was prohibited ,everyone was reminded it was a non smoking flight.

The flight departed from Toronto International Airport,according to the itinerary the first stop would be at Heath Row International airport,London,England.While there Gepetto bought some souvenirs for his grandparents and friends.It was a forty-five minute stop.The family stretched their legs ready to board the plane.Alphie and his family were tired,they decided to take a nap.The lights were turned off,for the passengers to sleep.Early in the morning they all woke up.Gepetto noticed the flight attendants were rolling their cart.This meant breakfast would be served.Gepetto was anxious to know,what they would serve for breakfast.It did not seem all that exciting,there was toast,scrambled eggs,sausages,juice,a bowl of fruit and tea or coffee what ever the passengers would prefer.

After several hours ,they finally landed at the International airport New Delhi.

Bhai aur baheno ,ab ijazat digiey,Phir mulaqat hogi.Brothers and Sisters,I am finished for today.We will meet again at the airport to clear customs.

Khuda Hafiz,Namaste,Adab,see you later,Au revoir and God Bless!

8 thoughts on “Alphie and his family visit India

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  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for this!

    Your post brings alive so well the visceral experience of traveling, specifically flying.

    I went on a trip to Holland a couple of years ago. A nice Muslim family were my friendly hosts. I was able to spend two weeks with them, sleep in their home, eat meals they kindly prepared for me, and enjoy a nice tour of Holland. I ended up eating tons of gouda cheese, and doing a *lots* of walking and biking (so much more common there than here).

    I so thoroughly enjoyed traveling to places without the use of a car. I went by bus, train, subway, and even the water-bus. To some people who are accustomed to this kind of public transportation, it seems rather banal. For me, however, not having ever lived in an area where it is common, and relying almost exclusively on a car, this was all a grand adventure. I felt like a little kid doing it all :-).

    When packing for the trip, I wanted to “go minimal.” So instead of a large suitcase, I took one of my daughter’s suitcases. It was white, very small, and had pretty flowers all over the outside of it. I received funny looks from people in the airport as they saw me, a somewhat official-looking man (some people say I tend to look military-like, though I am not in the military), toting a white, very girlish looking, and tiny, suitcase :-).

    But you know what? It was absolutely the easist suitcase to spot on the turnstile amongst all the other, predominantly large, gray and brown, suitcases. And with it being small, I really did enjoy my trip better. I may have had to wash clothes more frequently during my stay, but it was well worth taking less.

    Your post brings to me good memories.


    All good wishes,


  3. Hi Ranu,

    Yes…clearing customs. That can sometimes be a challenge.

    I notice some people who seem to not like very much having to take off their shoes. I don’t mind it much, but it can be quite a chore for older persons. When I travel now, I always wear shoes without laces that can be slipped on and off with ease.

    The New Delhi terminal looks quite fancy.

    Traveling enables us to meet other people, different cultures, and perhaps even to shake loose some of our own prejudices about the world. Traveling is quite useful.

    All good wishes,


    • Yes Robert,
      You are correct.The people have to leave their prejudice in the back burner.It is so hurtful.
      You probably never faced it and I hope, this is something you should never have to face.
      I had the misfortune to face it.I wish I had a thick skin,I could endure it better.

      • Dear Mr Dar,
        Actually this is my intention.I have a very limited knowledge of Pakistan,not that I know a whole lot about India,but
        I feel maybe I’ll bluff my way.Pakistan,not that easy,what with all the course participants and Shafique Sahib and you leading
        the pack,my bluffing won’t work.
        My daughter thought,instead of Australia I should have picked India.It’s like you wrote in one of the posts my characters took over.
        I might have to come back from retirement and become the tour guide for the family.How do you feel about this turnaround?Not so good I guess!
        I can get help from the internet,When I write about Karachi.I have to go to Sialkot to visit Iqbal’s place not in reality but in the story.I think this will be awesome and from there our dream,”Marghdeen”,Oops I have given away my secret.Please don’t tell anyone.

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