Alphie and his family clear customs!

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad (Photo credit: TimothyJ)

Indira Gandhi Memorial museum
Indira Gandhi Memorial museum (Photo credit: caribbeanfreephoto)
Delhi street

Delhi street (Photo credit: April_May)


Namaste! (Photo credit: Nomad Thru Life…..RIP Mum xxx)

Once they cleared customs,it was time for them to get a cab to their hotel.Their hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn.Alphie and his family loved the hotel.It offers Wi-Fi ,an outdoor swimming pool and a twenty-four hour business center.Gepetto liked the fully equipped fitness centre,it was a free service.He and Mom and Dad can use it any time.

The family decided to rest for the  remainder of the day.Gepetto thought ,his Mom and Dad  are tired because of the long journey,he feels okay he should explore the hotel,he passed by some of the cleaning ladies,they were wonderful,but he didn’t understand some of their language,such as “Namaste,” “Aap ka naam kia hai?”, he was having a terrible time, trying to remember these words.He was murmuring  to himself,”I think they don’t know English.” If this is the case he thought, “we will need a guide.”

When Mom and Dad woke up from their nap.Gepetto stormed in, “Mom,Dad, we need a guide!” Alphie was still drowsy from the long flight from ,Heath Row To Indira Gandhi Airport,New Delhi.”Hold Your Horses,Young fellow!” he said,”you are not making any sense,Calm down and tell me ,why we need a guide?”

“We will see” said Alphie, “let us decide about our sight seeing,   Where can we go First?”The waiter just walked in with the food Alphie had ordered.he overheard the discussion and suggested,”Qutub Minar would be the best place to visit first.It was near the hotel and an important place.” “Sounds interesting. ” Alphie quipped!”

Gepetto was still in the process of memorizing,Namaste, and Aap Ka Naam Kia Hai,now comes another hard word, “koo what?” he asked the waiter, the waiter started laughing and then checked himself, ‘Sahib’ he said slowly,’Qutub Minar’,     ‘Oh,I get it,it is kutu mina,’ Alphie was irritated he said, ‘Can we forget about how it is pronounced? we will see it tomorrow.’

English: The Qutub Minar

English: The Qutub Minar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tomorrow it is,now we will eat our food and rest.”

To Be Continued!