The family prepare for their trip to Agra

English: This is a Mughal painting depicting M...

English: This is a Mughal painting depicting Mumtaz Mahal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Shah Jahan copper coin, Surat mint

English: Silver rupee of Shah Jahan, issued fr...

English: Silver rupee of Shah Jahan, issued from Patna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shah Jahan, who commissionated the Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Gate

Taj Mahal Gate (Photo credit: 14983)

Indira Gandhi is elected as the first female P...

Indira Gandhi is elected as the first female Prime Minister of India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D
New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Deutsch: Taj Mahal im ...

Gepetto was on top of the world.He was finally going to see the  Taj Mahal ,the seventh wonder of the world. How cool is that .He remembered to pack his diary. He was exhilarated! He felt he is the luckiest boy in his class.

Gepetto couldn’t wait any longer to board the plane to Agra,he became very restless and kept on asking when Ranu was going to show up.Suddenly he looked and saw Ranu coming.He ran towards her,he started talking so fast,it was difficult for anyone to understand. Finally Susan shook him,”she said what is wrong with you Gepetto?I think you have to calm down,we still have plenty of time to get to the airport.” Gepetto realized he was too excited,he apologized to his parents and Ranu. “I’m sorry”,he said, “I did not want to miss our flight.” They all had a good laugh and told him,he shouldn’t repeat this behaviour again.

The Alphie family and Ranu ,went into the cab and were on their way to Indira Gandhi airport.While going to the airport,Susan and Alphie apologized to Ranu for their son’s unusual behaviour.Ranu said,” It is my fault I shoudln’t have taken so long to be ready.Actually I was ready,but when I checked my computer,I noticed there was a message for me,it was from my course facilitator,he had sent an assignment for me to do. I thought it won’t take too long to finish,I sat down and started typing my comment,I did check the time,I had more than enough time to come to your hotel.” She then turned around and said, “Gepetto,I’m so sorry to keep you waiting,trust me it won’t happen again.”

At the airport they took  their luggage out of the trunk of the cab and wheeled their luggage to the check in counter.The large suitcase was checked in,they were finally going to the gate,they had to go through security,then they all sat in the lounge and waited to be called to board the flight.

The call came to board the flight to Agra. You could see apprehension and pleasure in Gepetto’s eyes, comparatively speaking,it seems the adults have lost the face of innocence and pleasure,could it be at a certain age mankind is afraid to show any kind of emotion or is it the toils of reality has taken away the joys,one must feel.The plane landed safely.Gepetto was the first one to leave his seat.

The Taj didn’t seem too far from the airport relatively speaking.

When they reached the place they were anxious to see this magnificent shrine of love.It is one of the most beautiful and  expensive tombs in the world.The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ordered it built in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.She died in 1629 A.D.

Islamic architecture in its purest form,is epitomized by Emperor Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal.The work started in 1634 and continued for almost twenty-two years.It is situated in the city of Agra in India on the banks of the river Jamuna.It is enclosed in a garden amongst fountains and ornamental trees.The walled complex includes two mosques and an imposing gateway.The tomb is encased in white marble which is decorated with flawless sculptures and inlaid design of flowers and calligraphy cut from precious gems.

Below the dome there is a dimly lit chamber where lies the mortal remains of Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.The beautiful tomb is a reminder to the world  of their undying love.It rests on a platform of red sandstone.In each corner stands a slender minaret(prayer tower).Each tower is 133 feet high.The building itself is 186 feet square.A dome covers the centre of the building.It is 70 feet in diameter and 120 feet high passages from the “Holy Qur’an” decorate the outside.Built in charming environs ,it is one of the most beautiful architectural work in the world.It ranks amongst the most perfect buildings in the world.It is flawlessly proportionate and is built entirely out of marble.

It is intended to be a commemoration,of the memory of Shah Jahan’s beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.In reality it is,Shah Jahan’s gift to the entire human race.

The family loved the monument,Alphie was the perfect tourist,he was taking pictures from every angle he could think of.After all he knows he will have to talk about his visit to India to his family and friends and the pictures taken by him would add to the remarkable treasury he was able to collect.

To be continued!