Why I am still in school

Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal (Photo credit: rchughtai — “not very active”)

Government College, Lahore, 1880s. Oriental an...

Government College, Lahore, 1880s. Oriental and India Office Collection, British Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Entrance to the Sialkot Railway Station

Entrance to the Sialkot Railway Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember ,Gepetto ,I told you I’ll tell you why I’m still in school.Let me clear something first.The school I go to is different from yours.I don’t go out of my home,I do my work through my computer.I receive questions by e-mail.I don’t know who my classmates are.I see names,but I cannot put a face to the name.We do our work whenever we have some time,we do our assignments.

The teacher’s role is filled by a facilitator.Again we communicate by writing,we do not see who we are writing to or hear the person’s voice.This is called the on-line course.Regardless of the fact that we do not see or hear who is sending us the lesson.The learning process is in full force.The next question is obvious.What am I learning?I am learning about a famous poet. He died many years ago.His writing still inspires us.

His name is Iqbal.He was born At Sialkot in the province of Punjab in 1873.he came from a religious middle class family.In 1899 he graduated from Government College at Lahore. He taught at Lahore for six years.From 1905 to 1908 he studied in Cambridge and Germany.He also qualified as a lawyer.He was a very famous writer of Muslim India.He died in 1938.He wrote a lot of poems.They say he is the most quoted poet in the world’s literary and intellectual circles.

His most remarkable achievement was that he gave an abiding place to the teachings of Islam and patriotism in the hearts of the people.`The language he used was one of rare beauty and charm.He is the spokesman of reality.He used his poetry as a source of his message,which he wanted to give the nation.He studied the ups and downs of the culture of man very deeply.He dedicated the Godly gift of his mind for only one work-Spiritualism and Patriotism.He gave his message to the nation in each and every way.He provided it with a spiritual and philosophical content and drove it deep into people’s consciousness.We owe Allama Iqbal not only his poetry that stirs our souls,a philosophy that serves as a clarion call for a dynamic life ,but a message to his countrymen to fulfill their destiny as ordained in the Holy Qur’an. His message is best expressed in his own words. He says “Humanity needs three things today—-Spiritual interpretation of the universe,Spiritual Emancipation of the Individual and basic principles of a universal impart directing the evolution of human society on a spiritual basis.” His last Urdu work published in his lifetime lashes out at all the major evils that would banish from the kind of society he was advocating.He branded these as forces of disintegration including colonialism,western education,indifference to religion  etc.all these are more or less closely inter-related political slavery.Imitation he said kills initiative and discourages independent thought and effort.

Iqbal was a follower of Rumi the famous Sufi.In his imagination ,he talks about meeting him and learning from him.

One of his greatest desire was to have a place called ,’ Marghdeen’,here there will be no beggars,the farmers will be able to produce their food independently without the presence of cruel  land lords.,no government,no army,no weapons,no fighting. It will be the Paradise on earth.

To have such a place optimism is a necessity,there is no room for pessimism.Pessimism kills the desire to succeed.Optimism moves us forward.For us we need the roses without the thorns.

Gepetto I’m sorry I got carried away,I simply love reading about him .This was why I was compelled to study about him.

Say ‘Gepetto’ ‘do you have someone you’d like to read and know about?’ I guess when you grow up as tall as your Dad you’ll have a slew of people,you would want to know about,am I right?’

This was the first time I  stunned Gepetto, how bad am I! I think it is time for us to say so long farewell.

Allah Hafiz! May God be with you!

To be continued!

Allama Iqbal Tomb, Night time

Allama Iqbal Tomb, Night time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clock Tower at Govt College University, Lahore

Clock Tower at Govt College University, Lahore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)