Alphie and his family visits the Qutub Minar

view at the base of qutub minar

Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The word,Qutub Minar made Alphie consider Gepetto’s need for a guide.Sometimes it helps,if one can pronounce the foreign words correctly.At least close to the real word.Gepetto was a child,it would help him immensely.The Qutub Minar is such a famous building,it would be fun to be able to say it correctly.Alphie decided to ask their waiter,if he could find a guide for them.The waiter was all smiles ,”I know the person you are looking for,she can speak English and Urdu,let me look for her,I will be back in a few minutes.” The waiter was back with the guide and let them introduce themselves.The guide came and said,”Hello,I am Ranu,I am your guide,before we go any where,I would like to know your names.Susan stepped forward and introduced herself,”I am Susan”,she said,then it was Alphie’s turn,”I am Alphie”. Gepetto was a bit nervous,he said rather meekly, “I am Gepetto.”, “I am sorry,what is your name,can you repeat it again?” “,My name is Gepetto.” He was annoyed because he had to repeat his name.Ranu thought,she will have to be friendly with the boy and started a conversation with him. “Say,she said,if you don’t mind,can I ask you something?” Gepetto was starting to feel quite comfortable talking to the guide. ” What is it Ma’m?” he replied.”Why did your parents name you,Gepetto?” He answered,”my Dad will be able to explain,he is the one who is responsible for my name”. Alphie told her,”When Gepetto was a baby ,I noticed,he was very fond of looking at the picture of Pinochio,I thought great I will name him Gepetto.” Ranu said,”Why not Pinochio?” “You see I thought the problem with that name was,if my son ever lied,his nose will get longer,I could not deal with it.”  “Oh I see,she said,it is only a story. In reality it is far from happening,think about it,if every liar’s nose got long, there will almost be too many.Sometimes I think it is a fine way for God to punish people,I mostly mean the politicians they never tell the truth.”

After getting introduced they hired a cab and went on their way to see, “The Qutub Minar”.Ranu gave the family a short story about the building.It was constructed in 1192 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak,and later completed by Iltutmish.The conical tower is an example of Indo-Islamic Afghan architecture.Impressively as you can see,it is surrounded by a lush green garden,this is a perfect place for visitors.The tourists love to visit this place.It is a masterpiece of Mughal architecture.The verses of the holy Quran are carved on the sandstone walls of the Qutub Minar.It is the pride of Delhi.They decided to walk around the lush green lawns of the building.Alphie took a lot of pictures,he made sure his family was in the pictures he took.

Gepetto was getting restless he wanted to run around on the lawn,his parents gave him the permission and told him to stay within the area.After getting his exercise,Gepetto was hungry and wanted something to eat.Susan knew when travelling with children,it is necessary to carry a food basket.They found a very beautiful spot and sat down to eat something and rest as well.Gepetto then decided he needed to learn some simple words to impress everyone.They found a perfect spot to start the learning process.

The first word was Qutub Minar.Ranu told him Qutub was the name of the person responsible for getting it constructed.She began to explain how to say the word.”She said Qutub has two parts or syllables,Qu and tub,the letter “Q”gives a guttural sound,it is made from the back of the throat,I don’t want to confuse you,the safest letter is to use “K” instead ,so try ku(koo)the next part is,” tub”you don’t say( tub) but’ toob’,You join ku+toob= kutoob,try few times and it will be easy”.Minar” is easy it is ,”me+naar”,me+naar=minar.There bravo you got it.Repeat it a few times and you will know it by this evening.”

Then there is the common sentence,the people ask a stranger,”Aap ka naam kia hai?’ what is your name? The family realized they had spent a long time in the lawns of the Qutub Minar.It was time to go back to the hotel.They bid good-bye to the guide and headed back to the hotel.


To be continued!

Qutub Minar (Hindi : ?????? ????? Urdu: ??? ??...

Qutub Minar (Hindi : ?????? ????? Urdu: ??? ????) is the tallest brick minaret in the world, and an important example of Indo-Islamic Architecture. The tower is in the Qutab complex in South Delhi, India. The Qutab Minar and its monuments are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Qutub Minar is 72.5 metres high (237.8 ft) and requires 399 steps to get to the top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alphie and his family clear customs!

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad (Photo credit: TimothyJ)

Indira Gandhi Memorial museum
Indira Gandhi Memorial museum (Photo credit: caribbeanfreephoto)
Delhi street

Delhi street (Photo credit: April_May)


Namaste! (Photo credit: Nomad Thru Life…..RIP Mum xxx)

Once they cleared customs,it was time for them to get a cab to their hotel.Their hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn.Alphie and his family loved the hotel.It offers Wi-Fi ,an outdoor swimming pool and a twenty-four hour business center.Gepetto liked the fully equipped fitness centre,it was a free service.He and Mom and Dad can use it any time.

The family decided to rest for the  remainder of the day.Gepetto thought ,his Mom and Dad  are tired because of the long journey,he feels okay he should explore the hotel,he passed by some of the cleaning ladies,they were wonderful,but he didn’t understand some of their language,such as “Namaste,” “Aap ka naam kia hai?”, he was having a terrible time, trying to remember these words.He was murmuring  to himself,”I think they don’t know English.” If this is the case he thought, “we will need a guide.”

When Mom and Dad woke up from their nap.Gepetto stormed in, “Mom,Dad, we need a guide!” Alphie was still drowsy from the long flight from ,Heath Row To Indira Gandhi Airport,New Delhi.”Hold Your Horses,Young fellow!” he said,”you are not making any sense,Calm down and tell me ,why we need a guide?”

“We will see” said Alphie, “let us decide about our sight seeing,   Where can we go First?”The waiter just walked in with the food Alphie had ordered.he overheard the discussion and suggested,”Qutub Minar would be the best place to visit first.It was near the hotel and an important place.” “Sounds interesting. ” Alphie quipped!”

Gepetto was still in the process of memorizing,Namaste, and Aap Ka Naam Kia Hai,now comes another hard word, “koo what?” he asked the waiter, the waiter started laughing and then checked himself, ‘Sahib’ he said slowly,’Qutub Minar’,     ‘Oh,I get it,it is kutu mina,’ Alphie was irritated he said, ‘Can we forget about how it is pronounced? we will see it tomorrow.’

English: The Qutub Minar

English: The Qutub Minar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tomorrow it is,now we will eat our food and rest.”

To Be Continued!

Alphie and his family visit India

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A female flight attendant of Air Dolo...

English: A female flight attendant of Air Dolomiti (Italy) on board an Embraer 195 performing a Pre-flight safety demonstration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PIA flight attendant cutout

PIA flight attendant cutout (Photo credit: S.S.K.)

Alphie cautioned his family,since they were going for three weeks,they should pack their bags wisely.The small necessities like,tooth brush,comb,hair brush can be packed in the carry-on suitcase.Toothpaste however should not be more than 100ml.They checked the toiletries and were happy to see they had taken everything they needed.Next was their clothes ,they had to have enough for three weeks.The packing was completed.Alphie went through the list to make sure if he had finished packing.

He suddenly  remembered,to be ready they have to be vaccinated.They visited the Public Health Centre. This is where they will get their vaccination and travel documents.The preparation took them a week.Gepetto could not wait to be on their way.They had their passport,visa,tickets and other necessary documents in Alphie’s briefcase.

The day of their travel finally arrived.They were going to board the flight from was a huge plane.It was an Indian Air lines.Gepetto took his diary so he could write the names of all the places they would visit.

Alphie’s Mom and Dad came to see them off.Once on the plane the family were glad their seats were together.The flight attendant announced they are ready to take-off .Before that all the passengers had to fasten their seat belt,have their chair in up right position.since smoking was prohibited ,everyone was reminded it was a non smoking flight.

The flight departed from Toronto International Airport,according to the itinerary the first stop would be at Heath Row International airport,London,England.While there Gepetto bought some souvenirs for his grandparents and friends.It was a forty-five minute stop.The family stretched their legs ready to board the plane.Alphie and his family were tired,they decided to take a nap.The lights were turned off,for the passengers to sleep.Early in the morning they all woke up.Gepetto noticed the flight attendants were rolling their cart.This meant breakfast would be served.Gepetto was anxious to know,what they would serve for breakfast.It did not seem all that exciting,there was toast,scrambled eggs,sausages,juice,a bowl of fruit and tea or coffee what ever the passengers would prefer.

After several hours ,they finally landed at the International airport New Delhi.

Bhai aur baheno ,ab ijazat digiey,Phir mulaqat hogi.Brothers and Sisters,I am finished for today.We will meet again at the airport to clear customs.

Khuda Hafiz,Namaste,Adab,see you later,Au revoir and God Bless!

Alphie visits Dr. Edward

Dr. Edwards could sense,Alphie looked worried.He said,”You are my son’s friend ,I want what is best for you.” He knew he did not have to repeat what he said the day before.

“As a physician I have seen so many patients with multiple problems,I felt you are my own and I must tell you the dangers of overweight,there are just a few things to take care of,you have to change your diet,do regular exercise,there are experts who will be more than happy to help you.Once you are fit,just continue to take care of yourself.Within six months, I promise,you will be a changed and a happy man.” Alphie told Dr. Edwards,they were leaving the next day.

At home Alphie was very quiet ,he was not speaking to anyone.Susan tried to find out the reason.Alphie stayed silent.after a few days,he started to open up .He told his family about his visit with Dr. Edwards.They all agreed to help him in this crisis.Alphie  was happy to see his son,so motivated.

They all made a routine of how they should help Alphie as well as themselves.Days,weeks and months passed,the family was glad to see Alphie’s progress .The neighbours,friends and family members came in large droves to congratulate Alphie.They wanted to get his help and be fit like him.

Alphie and his family made plans to take another long trip.This time it will be business with pleasure.Let’s go to India Dad,Gepetto shouted! What a great idea Susan agreed with their son.Okay.Alphie agreed with them!

So long farewell,I cannot tell a lie,I am very tired ! See you all in India !

Alphie and his family’s dinner invitation

Many types of sushi ready to eat.

McDonald's in Moscow
McDonald’s in Moscow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image:Fish, chips & mushy peas

Image:Fish, chips & mushy peas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Fast food in Yambol, Bulgaria Българс...

English: Fast food in Yambol, Bulgaria Български: Заведение за бързо хранене в Ямбол (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alphie and his family had a wonderful time in Sydney.Their vacation will be over in a couple of day,he was thinking of Charlie,he was such an amazing host.Alphie thought he must see Charlie’s dad.The following morning,both families went to see Charlie’s Dad.Dr.Edward was a physician.He always made sure his son and the grandson took proper care of their health.Sometimes Charlie did not quite appreciate the way his father  gave lectures on health.He was afraid his Dad would talk to Alphie about over weight.He did not want to tell his friend about his Dad’s obsession.

On their way to Dr. Edwards house,Charlie tried very hard to tell Alphie that his Dad loves to talk about his work.Alphie was not receptive enough.There is nothing worse than dealing with someone or talking to him,when he is immersed in his own thoughts.Charlie played a trick to bring him back to reality.He said,”Hey Alph, what were you saying about the bird crane?” Alphie almost fell off his seat,there was no chance of getting out,they were still in the car.Alphie’s wife,Susan interjected, “Charlie,this certainly will bring Alph down to earth, The word crane is all he needs to hear.”

“Really,said Charlie,why is “Crane” such an important word?” Well, good old Alph,got the chance he was looking for.Without any fanfare,he began his story of,how he outwit his master.Charlie listened halfheartedly,Gepetto was embarrassed about his father’s anecdote and exclaimed,”Are we there yet,I am sooooo hungry?”

Gepetto saved the day for Charlie.The house could be seen from a few yards, Charlie said,”this is the drive way”,he stopped .”Come out everyone,Mom And Dad are waiting,he said.” Gepetto ,out of nowhere cried out ,”good die mate.”

The first thing Dr.Edward noticed was how obese Alphie was.He decided to have a heart to heart conversation with Alphie about his health.Mary called everyone ,”  Dinner is served,she said.” Gepetto who already announced in the car,he was peckish.took his seat without any further delay.While all the family members were taking their seat,Gepetto was busy looking at the mouth-watering food.Gepetto noticed the roast and could not help himself,he asked about the bird.Mary told him it was a crane. “Crane!but the crane has only one leg,Aunt Mary”,no they have two,” she replied. “My Dad said.” So Alphie had to explain,why he said that. The room was filled with laughter.Bobby who did not think it was funny,said, “Uncle Alphie you lied,my teacher said,we should never lie.” Alphie’s face turned beet red,he looked side ways and wanted to change the subject,His buddy,Charlie came to his rescue.He suggested they should have dessert in the living room.Everyone agreed.Dessert was Charlie’s favourite,an apple pie!

After dinner,Dr. Edwards called Alphie to his room.Not knowing what to expect,he took cautious steps to reach the doctor’s chamber. ” Unaware of what was coming to him,Alphie froze in his chair,waiting to know what was on the mind of the doctor.  Without waiting Dr.Edwards decided to tell why he wanted to see him alone.”You see,Alphie,being a physician I always think I must alert the people I know,why I must talk about health.There are so many people in our country suffering from heart disease,diabetes,the government spends millions of dollars for health care.As long as we have these fast food chains,there is no hope of saving the population.”

“At first we were thrilled to have Mcdonalds,Burger King,Pizza Hut,Doughnut village.Now we know it was a mistake to have these fast food places.It is up to us to curtail our intake of these foods.You have a very young family you must think  about them and start getting fit.I will give you a list of food you should take,it will help you,said Dr Edwards.”

Bobby wanted to show his mastery of the Australia slang,he said in a rather strong audible voice “Beut” grandpa,everyone laughed and got into the car.All in all it was an interesting evening.They were glad to be home

To be continued!

Alphie and Charlie’s Family Visit The Sydney Opera House

English: Sydney Opera House tiling, Sydney, Au...

English: Sydney Opera House tiling, Sydney, Australia. Deutsch: Das Dach der Oper mit den vielen Kacheln im Detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sydney Opera House with a tall ship i...

English: Sydney Opera House with a tall ship in the foreground (part of the day of action) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The foyer of the Opera Theatre in the...

Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Australia.
Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Concert Theatre of Sydney Opera H...

Sydney Opera House under construction, 1968

Sydney Opera House under construction, 1968 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the third day’s visit,the children were happy to go wherever the adults wanted them to see and visit.The task was quite simple.The adults were interested to take a tour of,”The Sydney Opera House.” Although Charlie and his parents lived in Sydney,Charlie didn’t see the opera house.It was a gorgeous day for sight-seeing.Gepetto and Bobby were having the time of their life.All the two cared about was,no school,therefore no homework,plenty of junk food to eat and moving from place to place.This was the kind of life they always dreamed about,but they are tasting it now.They are wishing,”Time would stand still for them”.We all know that it cannot be so,all good times must come to an end.Suddenly Bobby dozed off and dreamed his teacher was yelling at him,saying,”,Bobby did you hit Angela,why is she crying,answer me now or you will be sent to the principal’s office?” In his dream,Bobby cried out loud,”No I did not do anything to her,she always gets me into trouble,I hate her.”Bobby,Bobby wake up you just had a night mare,you are not in school.We have reached the Opera house.”

They all got off and made their way into the concert hall,Alphie read about all the important buildings and volunteered to be their guide.He began with,”this is the concert hall,there are 2679 seats.They still have to book their seats when there is a concert.Gepetto was so impressed,he could not say anything.At last he broke his silence,”Mom,Dad can we stay here a bit longer,It is awesome,did you bring a camera Dad,can you take a picture,I want to show everything I have seen to my friends in school?Susan,Gepettos, Mom was relieved to hear her son talking,even if it sounded gibberish.The last place they visited was the utzon was named after the architect Jon utzon from Denmark.

In the end Gepetto wanted to show off.This is what he said,”Chuck a sicky mate.”(take the day off sick from work when you are perfectly healthy.)

Bobby said ,”Ace!(excellent)Charlie hollered okay everyone,let’s be on our way,”Mate.”

Alphie and his family’s second day in Sydney ,Australia

Coat of arms of Western Australia

Coat of arms of Western Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sandgroper (insect) - specimen of Wes...

English: Sandgroper (insect) – specimen of Western Australian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Opera House, Sydney, Australia Deutsc...

English: Opera House, Sydney, Australia Deutsch: Opera House, Sydney, Australien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After breakfast the two families sat in the living room to discuss their plan.Charlie, who was  a resident of Sydney,told his pal,there are a few interesting places,they could visit.These were Charlie’s picks.:1. Bondi beach

2.Sydney Opera House

3.Power House Museum(PHM)

4.Manly Scenic Walkway

5.Catch A Flavor Of the Aussie


The families had to decide in a hurry which one to pick first.They all voted to pick up number 5 first.Since Charlie told them,in case they wanted to get along well with the Aussies,It will be wise to grab a quick lesson or two at Australian slangs.Catch a flavor of the Aussie English.

“Good die mate”—don’t be surprised  if your Aussie friend,talked about your death,because he didn’t,you just heard it wrong.Charlie continued to talk about some of the slangs.He began saying,”In my initial days at down under,I often got stumbled at the special Aussie usage of the English language.Australians have their own lingo and accent and it’s very useful to pick up a few phrase commonly used.”Good onya” means you have done a good job,”No worries” or “NO Dramas” can be added to finish any conversation and at times as a reply to a thank you,”A Banana Bender”,is a Queenslander,”Tassie” A Tasmanian,”Pommie”,an Englishman and a “Sandgroper”is a Western Australian and everyone else is just a mate.Most Australians have an amazing sense of humour.After the initial orientation,they were yet to decide,where will they go first.The unanimous decision was Bondi Beach.They looked at the photographs and felt it would be a relaxing visit.

They packed their bags,the ladies were in-charge of the food.What is a vacation without food?when all the necessities were packed.Charlie beckoned the families to get on board.On their way to the beach they saw some amazing things.Unfortunately they could not stop and walk around.They had to hurry on to the beach, before it got overcrowded.Charlie reached the destination in record time.

Gepetto and Bobby were anxious to get their swimming gear on and jump into the water.The boys were thrilled,they did not have to do anything, it was left for the grown-ups.They were only meant to breathe the fresh air,have a few lapse of swimming,eat,drink and be merry.Talk about “,Merry?”They had that covered.However the fabulous day was about to end.And it was time for the passengers to get into the car and head home.Back in the house they talked about the beach and how much fun they had.Gepetto and Alphie could not stop talking about the food  prepared by the ladies! It was a lovely end of the second day.

“Good die mate.”

To be continued!

The adventures Of Alphie and Gepetto!

Anzac Bridge & Sydney harbour Bridge from Gleb...

Anzac Bridge & Sydney harbour Bridge from Glebe Point (Suburban Sydney, Australia) IMG_6421 View On Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A panoramic view of the Sydney skylin...

English: A panoramic view of the Sydney skyline as viewed across Sydney Harbour from Kirribilli. Taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 100mm f/2.8 lens. This is an exposure blended image. Français : Vue panoramique de Sydney depuis Kirribilli avec le bassin de Port Jackson au premier plan. Photo prise avec un appareil Canon EOS 5D et un objectif 100mm f/2.8. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Screenshot of Alpine e-mail client version 2.00.

Screenshot of Alpine e-mail client version 2.00. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Correio (Postman).

Correio (Postman). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In part one it was all about Alphie,the cook.Part two the focus shifted to Alphie’s extended family,his wife and his son. .Alphie was still in-charge.He trained his son to cook and and challenge everyone about his wit.The former was all right for Gepetto.He had some negative feeling about being witty.Which led to their defeat.

Having faced defeat quite soundly.Alphie decided to lay low for a while and gave himself time to think.It did not look as though he had given up on being witty.He now is thinking of re-entering the world of wit.His idea was to get Gepetto involved.On hearing what his Dad had up his sleeve.He was certain he will have a war of words with his Dad.

The task Alphie had before him was not going to be a piece of cake.He needed to get his brain to co-operate with him.It was getting more apparent to the wife,The phrase,” once a crook always a crook.” she knew,it won’t be easy for her to bring Alphie back to reality.Reality according to Alphie was doing what he knew best,showing how cunning he was,which is an extraordinary way of becoming famous.It does not require much intelligence,this way no one gets hurt and he retains his name as the most witty person on this side of the globe.Alphie started thinking about his good pal Charlie,checked his mail and amazingly enough,there was mail waiting for him, from his buddy Charlie.This made him quite energetic.They started corresponding with each other via email.Isn’t this awesome he told himself.He no longer has to wait for mail through the post office which is a lousy service.Sometimes the mail takes a week to be delivered within the city. “I applaud the person who made our life so much easier.Charlie and I have already made plans.He wants me to visit Australia,how neat is that “!

Alphie told his family,they will be taking a trip to Australia next week.They were invited by his friend Charlie to visit him and his family.

The family got ready for the trip and on the day of their travel.Gepetto’s excitement reached its limit.He was like a bird, caged so long that, the very idea of freedom was making him completely insane.” I understand why you are,so excited, but Gepetto,you are being watched by the rest of the passengers,who knows, what they are thinking.” Gepetto, yelled out,”they will think my parents did not teach me,how to behave in public, right Dad?” Gepetto’s parents breathed a sigh of relief,when they landed safely in Sydney!Charlie was at the airport waiting,the friends hugged each other after the introduction,they all whisked their way to Charlie’s home. This time Charlie introduced his family,his wife Mary and son Bobby.Mary had already set the table.The food was delicious and Gepetto ate as if he was not fed for days.It was now time for bed.So they all went to their respective rooms.Alfie and his family were sound asleep,when the breakfast bell was rung few times,Alphie woke up and called his wife and Gepetto to get ready at once.After breakfast they sat around to discuss their plans of how they will spend the week.

To be continued!

The cook who outwits his employer Part—–Two

Gepetto with marionettes

Gepetto with marionettes (Photo credit: Peter E. Lee)

Remember,Alfie the cook?you might wonder what kind of stunt is he pulling now?You will be sad to know,”he is simply resting on his laurels .” He compares his achievement to Roger Federer’s Seventeen Grand Slam tennis titles.While Roger wants to add to his collection,Alfie thinks of  his remarkable talent as something no one can surpass,even Roger.

Well ,we all know the proverb, ” Pride goes before a fall.” Alfie did not care what people thought of him.He spent his time cooking for his master and,thereby improving his skill.He was doing well in the Art of cooking and  feeling extremely chirpy.One day his mother said,Alph my darling it’s time for you to tie the knot.He of course was not in a hurry where that is concerned.His mom would not give up coaxing him.Being a dutiful son,he gave in to his mother’s request.He had a very quiet wedding,his motto was to spend the least possible amount of money for the occasion.Luckily for him his would be in-laws were just as stingy.

Alphie’s  friends noticed he was getting so fat.he could almost be compared to a balloon.A year later Alfie’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.Mr. smart was very happy.He made plans,how he was going to raise his son.His son must learn how to cook and be a smart person.These are the two things that will help his little boy.

The teaching started,when his son Gepetto was twelve,he loved this name and thought it would be perfect for the teenager.Meanwhile Gepetto was slowly but surely acquiring his father’s two important skills, learning to cook and being witty.The cooking was done well by the young man.To outsmart anyone was rather iffy.

The father  and son decided to challenge each other before displaying their talent in public.The challenge was to be held on a rather unique day.They both agreed they will pick one day in winter.A day when nature was having a good time treating people with the strongest blizzard in living memory.As expected the dreaded storm started early in the morning.The house where they lived was covered all around with snow.Within a few hours the roof was filled with snow.The question that came  in the mind of the father and the son was how are they going to outsmart nature.None of them were willing to give in.They said to each other,”We will succeed,but how are we going to do it,we cannot stop it,we cannot talk to it.Frustrated,both sat down and began to weep.The agony of defeat and the fear of losing their house because of so much snow on the roof,brought them down to earth.Each said to the other,”we have been too sure of ourselves and dared to outsmart the weather,it has taught us one lesson,”Pride goes before a fall”.They calmed themselves and got up on the roof to clear the snow.They saved their house and promised never to lie again.The lesson they both learned is lying to outsmart someone is a trait God does not like.But if one uses their intelligence to help themselves and others will win out in the long run.

Roger Federer beating Lleyton Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7...

Roger Federer beating Lleyton Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7-6 in the Semi Finals of the Wimbledon Championships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘My visit to London England’.

English: Buckingham Palace in London, England....

English: Buckingham Palace in London, England. taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. Français : Le Buckingham Palace à Londres, en Angleterre au Royaume-Uni. Photo prise par moi-même avec un appareil Canon 5D et un objectif 24-105mm f/4L IS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London Wheel - London

London Wheel – London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A multi segment panoramic image of the London ...

A multi segment panoramic image of the London skyline from the Bermondsey banks of the Thames. Français : Image panoramique de Londres depuis les rives de la Tamise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Dome of the Saint Paul's Cathedral se...

English: Dome of the Saint Paul’s Cathedral seen from Tate Modern, London, England Français : Coupole de la Cathédrale Saint-Paul de Londres vue de Tate Modern, Londres, Angleterre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London - Some places always take a good pictur...

London – Some places always take a good picture – London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

English: The City of London skyline as viewed toward the north-west from the top floor viewing platform of London City Hall on the southern side of the Thames. In the foreground: Dixie Queen and Millennium Time at Tower Millennium Pier. This is a 5 segment panoramic image taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was always interested to go to London.I knew in my heart,it may not be easy to go there,judging from the fact it cost a lot to go  for a visit.My only option was somehow I have to get a scholarship to fulfill my dream.

You see I was never a star student,I hated to learn everything by heart i.e rote memory.I always knew,there was no way I am going to take my books and keep reading a passage until I could write it down word for word.I felt I should read the page more than once and try to figure out,how much I have retained and do I comprehend the paragraph or the page.Surely I said I will only be able to answer the questions if I understood what I have read.This was my way of learning.

Time was passing by famously,I was able to successfully complete my degrees,Meanwhile I spent some quality time reading the classified adds.To my surprise I saw what I was looking for,The British Council was awarding scholarship to London,England.There were varied subjects,my interest was to apply for,’Teaching English As A Foreign Language.’I was delighted.I immediately jot down the address.Now I had to put my certificates together.I did that and was about to mail it,When I checked everything,I noticed I had to send my application through the principal of the school.All my enthusiasm suddenly was deflated.I wasn’t sure this through the channel would work for me.Suddenly I was hit with an idea,why  not I send my application and tell the authorities,since the deadline is the 17th I wanted to send my application to be able to meet the deadline.I did that and told them I will request the Principal to send my formal application.

It worked out like I wanted it to.I stayed quiet about this plan of mine.I did not tell my siblings what I was aiming to do.My darling siblings I said to myself must not know this,if I failed to get the scholarship they would make life miserable for me.

I got word that I had an interview at the office of the British Council.The day arrived I went and waited for the secretary to call my name.When I entered the room I noticed a large oval table practically taking the whole space in the room.There must have been seven of them.I calmly sat down on one of the chairs,making sure not to look at any of the interviewers,I knew if I looked,it would be all over and I would fail.After going through the task of answering the questions.I was told I could go.

I felt I was waiting for eons,I received a thick envelope,I opened it and to my dismay found the tickets and other relevant papers.The ticket in hand I went home told my Mom.

This was the first time in my life I was travelling to London.I stayed in a residence near Russel square.My stay was very pleasant.I visited Madame Tussaud’s museum,British Council Library ,Trafalgar Square.

We went to Llanberis in North wales for teaching practice and Malta.I had a good time and also got my diploma In Teaching English As A foreign Language.