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English: Don't waste your time and do your hom...

English: Don’t waste your time and do your homework! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might be wondering what kind of a name is ‘Ma’,I will say,’What’s in a name,it can be anything?’ I love the name,it is my favourite. My Dad gave me this name.

My family was a large one.We were a happy family. I started school at a very young age.My Dad probably thought,she talks so much.She is ready for school. She can learn many other things. Talking alone will not help. So I started school.Dad was glad I’d be out of his hair for sometime. He forgot he had to go to work the same time I was in school.Yes,I came back before he did.But I had time to be in his hair before bed time. Then I came to a new school.The teachers were not like your average teachers.But that’s beside the point. I was carrying on marvelously. One day I was about to go out for prayer,the bell was rung,we were supposed to assemble for prayer.I was about to run out,my classmate stopped me. She wanted to copy my homework,because she didn’t do hers. I was unable to give it,because I didn’t want to be late for prayer.When we came back to our classrooms,my homework disappeared from my book.I was a seven year old in a new school with this predicament.I was called to  present my homework.I took slow and shaky steps,I calmed myself and related the whole story to my teacher.I was not confident she would believe me. She looked  at me and then at the class mate.Her verdict was Ma is telling the truth. My class mate could not convince her. This was one awful day in my young life.

My teacher who was a  Nun was very kind and helpful. That was one bad incidence in my life.We were growing up,we enjoyed the city we lived in,but as with everything good times don’t last forever.We had a big mishap and our world  took a sudden downward trend. We had to leave our happy abode. Mom told us we have to leave our only home we ever knew to where Mom came from.We left our happy place to our Grandpa’s home. Our grandparents were not alive.Our uncle and aunt lived there.We lived with them for several months. My eldest brother bought a home. We moved in to the house.It was a small town.I was old enough to take my younger siblings to get them admitted in a school.

My younger siblings were doing well in school. My Mom was happy to be near all her relatives.We were getting used to a new environment. I finished school and took admission in a college. I completed two years and made up my mind to  go to a Girl’s College in a city. I studied here for two years and went to the university after completing my under graduate degree.

From all I know Ma finished university,studied in two other universities,successfully completed education and diploma courses.She taught in a school and was happy,she had finished her education. The last I know is she got married and moved away with her husband.


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English: Homework

English: Homework (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Langley School. Langley Hall was buil...

English: Langley School. Langley Hall was built in 1737 in the Palladian style and was home to the Beauchamp family. It is now the site of Langley School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    • So you figured out, it was me.I did not disguise it that well.
      Thank you for your very sincere comment. Shafique thought the couple were my parents.
      But I got the picture from the gallery of zemanta.

      • No they are not.I got the picture from Zemanta.When you start writing,they
        take some key words from the text and make up the picture gallery.You just have to click
        and it is entered with your text.You will have a lot of fun with wordpress,you already
        are a wordpress blogger.It is free,use it and see if you like it.You can use both Google
        and wordpress.

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