Rainfall,A poem by Tagore—Translated by Ranu

English: az monsoon clouds

English: az monsoon clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The poem rainfall by Tagore,is a very popular poem,recited in almost every home in  Bengal. At times I feel Tagore probably wrote this because it brought back nostalgic memories of his own childhood. The Monsoon season is awaited seriously because it gives relief from the extreme heat of summer.

The title of this poem is :’Rain Is Falling Drip Drop’

The sky is overcast,the day is coming to an end, the sun is about to set.

The layers of clouds are waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of the moon.

The bell in the temple is reminding , the devotees,it is time for prayer.

Over on the other side the falling rain is obscuring the trees.

Here on this side the colourful clouds are looking like hundred gems.

The breeze on this cloudy day reminds me of the childhood song___

Rain is falling drip drop, the river is overflowing.

The clouds surrounding the sky are playing different games,they have no boundaries___

They continue playing from country to country, no one forbids them.

Leaving precipitation in the gardens is a joy to behold,

It is amazing to see the the variety of games displayed by the clouds!

These games reminds me of the game of hide and seek we played in so many corners!

With it I think of the song ___

The rain is falling drip drop,the river is overflowing.

It brings my memory back about the light in my house,

my mother’s bright smile____

the sound of thunder and my palpitating heart.

The little boy sleeping on one side,

the trouble he gave Mom is hard to describe.

The over active boy jumping__

the loud thunder outside making everyone tremble.

Magically from a distance my Mom’s song___

Rain is falling drip drop the river is overflowing.

I recall my friends Shuorani and Duorani,

Also the angry Kankaboti’s pain.

The little flickering light in the corner of the house,

giving off black shadows all around the walls.

The sound from outside of the steady drop of water ting ting ting__

The wild boy listening to the story, absolutely quiet____

with it I remember my childhood song,

,The rain is falling drip drop the river is overflowing.

When did the rain fall,where was the flood___

Shiva Thakur’s marriage that was a long time ago!

Did the clouds display their merriment that day too!

Did  the thunder and lightning also pay a visit at intervals!

What happened to the groom after marrying the three women!

I don’t know in which side of which river,or in which country,

who sang the song, who did she put to sleep____

rain is falling drip drop,the river is overflowing.

18 thoughts on “Rainfall,A poem by Tagore—Translated by Ranu

    • Thank you very much Mr. Dar,I wrote the translation twice.Every time I tried to preview it,the text
      disappeared. I almost thought of giving up.This morning I wrote it in my notebook,because I may lose it.
      When I read it I didn’t like it. So I gave it one more try and it seemed it was okay. I decided to post it.
      but was afraid,you may not like it.

  1. Dear Ranu,

    What a lovely poem! Thank you for sharing it.

    I like the image of clouds, crossing borders (i.e., man-defined) that are, to the clouds, not really borders at all. Like the Spirit of Guidance, they blow where they blow.

    All good wishes,


  2. This is such a beautiful triumph of translation…I’m hearing the drip,drip & the story being read & the thunder. I’m seeing the light & shadows, I’m watching the clouds play, I’m feeling the connectedness and joy of the clouds & their gifts without borders of water into all the gardens. So much is said, so much is unsaid..the rhythm is definitely there. So glad to see this poem by Tagore one of my top ten favorite poets ever — a poem never seen before… What a universal sense of love I am feeling with this poem…comforted enough now to go to sleep at last…

    • Thank you very much,Connie,I am extremely happy to know that you were able to see what Tagore wanted us to see and hear.
      I wasn’t sure my translation will be able to bring out the beauty of Tagore’s poem. I feel I have accomplished what I had
      aimed for. I am thankful to you for your beautiful comment.

  3. I’m so glad I too “passed the test” and that my heart was able to receive Tagore’s beautiful gift to us through your gift.
    May I have permission to post it on one of my sites? IF so, which would you prefer: http://oneheartforpeace.blogspot.com or http://nomorecrusades.blogspot.com ? If neither are appropriate, I will understand since my sites are sometimes perhaps too activist currently for much poetry…however I am trying hard to move in a slightly different direction…

    Either way, I will treasure this poem & look for more translations from your heart to your hand…

    With Deep Gratitude, Ranu,


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