Question by R. Tagore___ translated by Ranu

Tagore in 1879, when he was studying in England.

Tagore in 1879, when he was studying in England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title of this poem is ‘Question’

O God,you sent messengers so many times

in this cruel world___

they said,’forgive all,  ‘said give love___

remove all bad thoughts from your heart’.

they are  respected, they are remembered, still outside

in these bad times their efforts failed.

I saw secret jealousy in the insincere darkness

how it hit the helpless people.

I saw ____no justice against the criminals

the verdict went against the innocent and made them cry quietly.

I saw young boys running to save their lives

what a painful death they suffered.

My voice is silent today, my flute has lost its melody.

In this dark fortnight who has

destroyed my world that seems like a nightmare.

This is why I ask you with tearful eyes____

P question

P question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

those who have poisoned your air, turned off your lights,

did you forgive them,  did you love them?

6 thoughts on “Question by R. Tagore___ translated by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you very much for this most beautiful poem.

    How very poignant how we question the Divine, the world being sometimes so painfully difficult to comprehend.

    All good wishes,


    • I am guilty of that myself, I have a difficult time of forgetting,and therefore
      forgiving to me is out of question.My mother being as religious as she was, always
      pointed out the flaws in my thinking.I understand it fully .My stubborn nature
      sometimes takes over. When Tagore wrote this poem,he must have felt as I feel sometimes,
      when I’m angry. To me it seems he is almost wanting God to agree with him.We know God is
      above all this and He knows human nature. Tagore knew that,but he was at a stage when He thought
      the crimes committed by man against his own kind cannot be forgiven.He says, ‘those who poisoned your
      air and turned off your lights,did you forgive them,did you love them?’ It is such a beautiful poem.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment.

  2. Tagore means that how can we ask forgivness from God when we have never excercised this in our lives and God cannot grant us anything which we do not have in the basket of our deeds as we are paid for which we have earned.

    • You are right Mr.Dar. I was thinking about the lines where Tagore said I have lost my voice
      which happens when there is too much emotion.And he said my flute has lost its melody.Then he talks about the terrible
      dark fortnight where there was so much destruction,he felt he had a nightmare. This is why I am asking with my eyes full of tears.
      Those who have poisoned the air,took away the light, do you forgive them,do you love them? I felt while reading it, Tagore wanted some
      kind of satisfaction from God that the criminals will be punished. When I read this I felt,it probably was written when the British
      were the rulers in India. He has given a date but it is the Bengali year and it is different from what we follow. I am unable to figure it out. I might try on the internet to get this information. Thank you.

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