Good Morning by R. Tagore_ translated by Ranu


Sun (Photo credit: DBduo Photography)

Statue of Lord Shiva in Delhi Français : Statu...

Statue of Lord Shiva in Delhi Français : Statue de Shiva à Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: Axiraa)

O sun your extremely bright light

has made its way through my door;

it rang like a flash of lightning on my chest

penetrating my dream.

I was wondering shall I or shall I not wake up,

are my eyes rid of the darkness,

can I open my eyes

that are still feeling sleepy.

Right at this time,from the north-east your

horn started ringing.

It is ringing louder and louder,

between the opening of the warm clouds

there were bright lights giving off heat in the sky.

Surprised I woke up

and saw the sky red.

O goddess Durga,why are you dressed like this!

why do you have a hissing serpent  on your forehead;

what kind of music is playing from your flute

on a beautiful morning like this?

Where is the enchanting cuckoo that sings on the branches?

Where are the flowers that sprout from the hidden forest?

After a long duration suddenly the dark side of the moon has cracked__

your curved sword in the dark

has sliced the buffalo in two.

The whole world is filled with pain__

droplets of blood are falling from the sky.

Some people are waking and trembling with fear,

others are terrified in their dream.

Your servants in the cemetery

are hungry in this dark night

are moistening their lips with their tongue

at intervals they are screaming.

They should be our our guests in our homes

dancing on the courtyard,

o inhabitants open all your doors,

do not hide yourselves___

whatever you have, carry them here,

you have to give all your wares.

Do not sleep any more.

Empty everything close to your heart

and fill their dishes.

O misers, what kind of love do you have

it is all false.

On our way to the rising sun,whose voice am I hearing,

‘don’t be afraid,have no fear___

those who donate from their heart

they will not, will not lose.’

O Sun god ,I am your music

tell me how will I sing my spiritual master__

in the dance of death I will mix my music with them

and play the small drum of my heart;

with heartfelt sorrow I will fill the basket

and decorate your articles of worship.

The stunning morning is here it’s here.

In the darkness of the night, Shiva

what a roaring laughter came out of him.

Those who woke up from this destruction

are extremely happy to be alive.

I will gladly give my life o giver of life

to have your acquaintance;

I have to sound your trumpet

for giving me the courage to conquer fear.

It was good this storm

it was scattered all over,

it is good to see morning

on the lap of the lion cloud__

we will celebrate the union by lighting  fire

for being able to live through the terrible storm.

surviving the night

I am ready to meet your grace

I would rather lose everything

to have the opportunity to kneel at your feet.