Ancient by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

The sunlight shining through these clouds in E...

The sunlight shining through these clouds in England is an example of sunbreak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human nature always strives for something new. Ancient or Old carries no value.Let us see what Tagore thinks of Old or Ancient . Old or Ancient is the title of his poem.

You have to leave this place,O Old ,

here a new game has begun.

The flute is playing again,  the laughter has begun.

the spring air is blowing.

In the bright blue sky            the layers of white clouds are shivering

they are exhausted  by the strong sun-light,

the birds are flapping their wings,     the branches of the trees are  trembling,

making the boys and girls play.

Right in the front              the lights are flashing,

the shadow is quivering___

a girl  sitting on a wharf       is watching the water,

and listening to the sound of leaves.

Who knows what kind of expectation is going on all around

so many people each with their happiness and sadness,

all of them have forgotten,  some are laughing some are dancing___

why do you stand in the front.

The wind is blowing away,  why are you from moment to moment

letting out a sigh in the middle of it!

far away someone is playing a flute,       why do you come here

and show your emotional outburst!

The sun is rising in the morning             it is drawing a golden picture,

why are you throwing your shadow on it!

when someone leaves             no one wants him,

still why is there so much affection for him!

Why in the evening then     behind the walls you quickly

hide and look at the surface of the earth,

in the darkness of the night            by the side of the old house

why do they come again and leave.

what did you come to see__       whatever you left behind

who will look after them!

All the souvenirs           were left for a few days

like the fallen leaves from the tree___

today  the spring air  has       sadly one at a time

blown them away every day,

they are in the dust                  their smiling lustre

is fading every minute!


Ancient (Photo credit: kakeyzz—-)

12 thoughts on “Ancient by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

    • Thank you,WordPress has this for December.I noticed that snow falling on the white back
      ground was not as effective as purple.I love looking at the snow fall.Not in real life though,
      I see a lot more from December to April,which to me is too long.When I am not sure how the translation
      is,I get my daughter to read it.She said it was beautiful. So I dared to post it.I am so glad to know you like it.
      You may have read Subhan another blogger’s comment.He asked me,if I was a professional translator.
      Thank you again.

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Many thanks for this most recent Tagore poem.

    It is wonderful. I love the way it begins:

    “You have to leave this place,O Old ,

    here a new game has begun.”

    The new background is really pretty. And I have to say that I love the photograph of the sun shining through the clouds. This photograph conveys so much.

    All good wishes,


    • Thank you Robert.I had to add a bit of colour so we could see the snow.
      I wasn’t sure how you and Mr. Dar would like the translation.I asked my daughter
      to read it and tell me what she thinks.She liked it,I thought it may be okay to post it.
      Thanks for your encouraging comment.

  2. I agree with Robert…and of course just LOVE Tagore… Thanx for letting me know of your new ones. This like the others deserves revisiting.

    My systems messed up when I was trying to use your last…but will try again after 1st of the year.

    Best to you, Ranu,


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