Past by R.Tagore ,translated by Ranu


Words…. (Photo credit: jah~)


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

Speak the words, speak.

o eternal past, on an  infinite night why are you sitting and staring?

Speak the words, speak

For many generations your words are pouring into the ocean,

so many lives  so many streams are mixed with your water.

After coming  there, it has stopped flowing,

the murmuring stream is quiet__

the rolling swell of water is very quiet, where are you taking it?

O eternal past, you are my heart  speak.  o do speak the words.

Speak the words,speak.

O stunned past, o the hidden past,you are not unconscious___

why don’t you speak?

I have heard your motion in the beat of my heart,

how many days  collection are you leaving in my heart.

o past, you move to different parts of the world

you keep doing your work secretly,

amid the noisy restless and impertinent people you stay calm.

O past you  secretly speak from your heart, speak.

O past speak, speak the words.

You have never lost any words,you  remember all of them____

speak past ,o speak the words.

You have in every page of life, in invisible letters

written the story of the grandfathers,

Those whom everyone has forgotten

You did not forget anything about them,

I am surprised how quietly you convey these astounding stories.

You give it language, o ascetic of the past, speak the words,speak.

6 thoughts on “Past by R.Tagore ,translated by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you very much for this lovely poem.

    What lovely words…

    “You have in every page of life, in invisible letters

    written the story of the grandfathers,

    Those whom everyone has forgotten

    You did not forget anything about them,”

    All good wishes,


  2. This will definitely be one of the poerms I want to pass along — Wow, this moves me deeply…I so recognize this wish to hear the past speak…to converse with the past and the mind/heart/soul behind the past & in all the flow of people as variant & yet as one.

    I feel also that Rumi, Hafiz, Iqbal, Mystics everywhere who are for peace & oneness and
    soulful historians (we know one:) would also simply love this poem…

    I want to dedicate that over time I shall help you make sure that your chosen poets & poetic work to translate them (perhaps for the first time ever) will never be wasted…perhaps you will turn them into a book? If so, I will be one person (among many) who will try to get them published for you in my nation.

    We do all so need Tagore!

    • I let my daughter read both translations,Deception and Past.Her favourite is Deception.
      I was leaning towards Past.She said,it is okay.My reply was reading about Iqbal,Rumi and others,
      may have influenced my judgement. I could feel the connection between,Tagore,Iqbal and Rumi.
      Your comment really uplifted my spirit.I think it has helped me a great deal.I will try not to doubt myself,
      in future.
      I am indebted to Mr. Dar,he encouraged me to do these translations.
      I am very thankful to you for your generous comments so far.

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