The Passenger by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

This is my favourite poem of  R.Tagore.

‘The passenger ‘

There is space,yes I have space.

You are alone,you only have a bundle of  rice paddy.

We may have to sit close together   it’s not that much____

maybe my boat will be a little heavy____

because of this  will you have to go back? There is space, there is space.

Come,come inside the boat.

If there is some dust let it be on your feet.

You are slender and slim like a winding plant, you have uneasiness in the corner of your eyes__

your tearful eyes,your fine complexion and your delicate dress,tells me .

you must have a place. Come, come in this boat.

There are all kinds of passengers .

They will get off in different places, they don’t know each other.

You will also for a little while    be a passenger in my boat,

when the journey is over  you will not listen  to me when I forbid you.

Since you are here  you also come. There are all sorts of passengers.

Where is your destination?

In which granary will you keep your bundle of paddy?

If you don’t want to tell me    how is knowing be useful for me,

I will sit and meditate when my journey is over__

Which neighbourhood will you go to, where is your destination.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “The Passenger by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

    • I am happy to know you liked it.I read this poem and made up my mind to translate it.
      It is a bit different from the others I translated.I liked it though.
      Thank you for your comment,Robert.

  1. I love this poem as well & I see why it is your favorite…

    I can also see how difficult translating is…I’d like you to take a little more license with this one to put in a little of your own implications? Or to introduce it with WHY it’s your favorite?

    The two phrases: “…you will not listen to me when I forbid you…”

    and “…if you don’t want to tell me how is knowing be useful for me..” they perplex me & haunt me…and I am not quite sure how much is meant to be ambiguous by Tagore & whether there may be a language difficulty for me here?

    What a triumph the feeling evoked of the intimacy and endearing wish to know another that can sometimes — with numinous transcendence — happen at odd magical moments when time/space & the laborious tedious routines of life are suspended….if not for two people, at least inside the one…

    Also, the line: “I will sit and meditate when my journey is over” is for me a perfect ending of so saying without saying…that the experience was so deep such quiet was needed and wanted.

    Thanx again and again….

    • Thank you.When I have to sit and figure out what exactly is Tagore thinking,
      I make it my favourite because it required some thinking on my part.

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