Introduction by R.Tagore translated by Ranu

Australian Cashmere Goat

Australian Cashmere Goat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One day I saw the naked boy

sitting on the dusty ground and collecting mud from the riverside,

elder sister was scrubbing and washing the dishes from side to side.

Close by the baby goat was slowly grazing by the same riverside.

suddenly it came closer ,and at intervals

stared at the little boy and made a weird sound.

Taken aback,he trembled and then cried out in panic,

the elder sister left the dishes and ran to him.

In one armpit she carried the boy, and on the other the baby goat,

she shared her affection equally among the two.

animal baby, infant boy, the elder sister in the middle

joined the two in the bond of introduction.

12 thoughts on “Introduction by R.Tagore translated by Ranu

    • Tagore wrote this one and the one before on the same day.I checked the date in the book.
      It felt as though ,he really watched those kids and wrote about them.
      You must be very busy preparing for Christmas.Your family must be excited.
      Have a very merry Christmas and a fabulous day in the new year 2013!

      • Dear Ranu,

        Tagore is a great poet, and you a great translator of him. Like other great poets, he was apparently a keen observer of the smallest details.

        As a religious holiday, I do not celebrate Christmas. Of course, living in America, and working in a large organization in which this celebration figures strongly, I’m involved with many activities, making conditions warm, inviting, and safe for those from all faiths (as my team and I manage the security functions).

        Thank you very much for your well-wishes. May you and your family too have a great 2013.

        All good wishes,


      • Thank you Robert,I always look forward to yours and Akhtar Bhai’s Comments.
        This is a time of the year,when a lot of people are very happy.I like the atmosphere.
        I don’t celebrate Christmas but I like giving gifts to some friends living in our city.
        What you are doing is commendable,best of luck in your work.
        All the best to you and your family.

  1. What a beautiful scene which comes so readily to the soul’s smile & the soul in quiet observation comes so readily to such a scene as this…

    Again & again the deep soul of Tagore who loved all things quiet, beautiful, pure and filled with love.

  2. One of the greatest gifts ever in my life is the current prolific translation of one of my top “loves” of my life,the poet Tagore… you can see what I mean, my fellow poetic travelers (and this little note also goes to a few friends who live in south asia & work with the poorest of the poor) Be sure to peruse the many that are there & plz make your own comment to encourage this genius translator, Ranu, who is a quiet, humble, ever-so-gifted linguist.

    (don’t worry, i’m emailing via BCC)

    Can’t you just pray that someday a musician will turn some of these poems into song?



  3. “In one armpit she carried the boy, and on the other the baby goat,
    she shared her affection equally among the two.
    animal baby, infant boy, the elder sister in the middle
    joined the two in the bond of introduction. ”

    These lines tell us what most profound sermons would fail to strike home. Human life is most respected and sacred but to be truly human we must acknowledge the sanctity of all creation, and how beautifully and innocently the elder sister conveys this.

    Thanks for bringing this beautiful and extraordinary poem which shows effortless genius of Tagore, and your prowess as a dedicated and a gifted translator. We are amazed at the level of proficiency that you have attained during this short span in translating the spirit of the poems.

    • Thank you Akhtar Bhai, it is quite the poem. I was loving these poems of his.
      He has shown us the realities of poverty and the affections of a little elder
      sister,she knew how to deal with God’s creation by giving them equal time and affection.
      Your comment is excellent,thank you again.

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