A Companion by R.Tagore translated by Ranu


Tagore (Photo credit: nemzetikonyvtar)

This is a short poem by Tagore. The title is , ‘A companion’

One afternoon,the beautiful day in the country side,persuaded me to go for a walk.

While walking along the side of a green grassy field,

I noticed a young dark girl sitting on the grass.

She was alone,quietly braiding her hair.

Her young frisky dog, watched her,

thinking it was  a game she was playing,

came right behind her to join in the game,

the woven braid swayed to and fro,the dog became increasingly excited,

first it continuously bit the braid,

English: Inverted French Braid. Deutsch: Zopf....

English: Inverted French Braid. Deutsch: Zopf. Polski: Warkocz francuski. Svenska: Halvvägs inbakad fläta. Русский: Коса. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the girl scolded him ,pulled the braid,

the dog jumped higher and higher and barked louder and louder,

it liked the game,the girl slapped it and scolded it.

She could not stop it.

Not knowing what to do, she picked him up and laid him on her chest.

She then stroked her pet gently and lovingly.

6 thoughts on “A Companion by R.Tagore translated by Ranu

    • Thank you,Akhtar Bhai.I was not really sure how to put it together.Tagore sometimes
      uses poetic language that makes it difficult for me to translate.He also mixes Bengali
      dialect with proper Bengali,which creates a khichri of some kind.
      Look I am making excuses already,sorry.

  1. I would love to know what “khichri” means & suggest a children’s primer in Bengali, plz.

    I love the personification of the beautiful day in the countryside becoming a companion inviting the poet for the walk.

    Then, I enjoyed the surprise of the girl’s decision to merely love the puppy….She is becoming a good mother…

    • Khichri is a dish where we mix rice and lentils,instead of cooking them separately,
      we mix it together.It is very tasty.The word is used in Urdu as well.
      I wrote that word,because at that particular instance, as I couldn’t think of an appropriate
      word in English,I sought help from my mother tongue.How weird is that.
      Thanks again Connie,for your input.

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