An Auspicious Union by R.Tagore translated by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Auspicious Union __ Rabindranath Tagore

In my mind she is my closest relative

I have only known her for a short while.

I do not know much about her

we know very little of each other

alas! there is so much we don’t know.

One day one of us will leave this worldly existence

never to return to face one another,

how can we find each other in this vast universe!

Therefore in this auspicious union ,my dearest,

why do I see  you so beautiful!

Why in this short moment ,o my beloved ,

did I not recognize you as someone I knew my whole life.

6 thoughts on “An Auspicious Union by R.Tagore translated by Ranu

  1. I feel the preciousness — as did Tagore & you Chaman in your translation.

    Sometimes I feel so sad that so much of our talk of relationships in the US is one just the simplest of planes: blood relatives, romance, marraige or academic/job relationships…any other depth of relationship is often suspected…rather than seeing that there can be a whole array of people we may sense are in some ways a soul mate or a “relative of the deepest sort…and not to be either despised nor feared….

    • You are so right,we are probably feeling this because of Iqbal studies,which I do too.
      To me it is such a blessing to be in this course.The benefits I received is remarkable.
      Thanks to Shafique,I am able to use my time wisely.

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