Favour by Tagore translation by ranu

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (Photo credit: Cea.)

Favour  by Rabindranath Tagore

‘Alas    sky how could we do without you!

Oh dear sun ,I dream about you ,I cannot be of service to you.’

Dew cried and said___

‘I am unable to tie you down,

oh sun ,I do not have the strength to do so.

Without you my short life is only full of tears.’

‘I give light to this vast earth,

I can still catch the dew drops, and love them.’

the sun came on the dew drops

said laughing__

‘I’ll stay small and fill you up,

I’ll shape your short life with laughter.’

12 thoughts on “Favour by Tagore translation by ranu

  1. Very interesting specially the closing lines are wonderful. Is it possible that you give us the actual bangla title of each poem, because the way you describe your conversation with your university mate in bangla is wonderful, and i would love to learn few more such wonderful words at least through the titles.

    • Yes,I certainly will.The one you just read,didn’t have a title.I’m sure Tagore must have given one.
      When I asked for the lyrics,I was given the lyrics without the title.I have Tagore’s Gitanjali,the song was not included.
      I’ll check it again in case I didn’t look carefully.

  2. Tagore’s Gitanjali is one of the major marvels of the world…

    Tagore’s intimate appreciation/connection with nature & all her metaphors has always been such a gift for me…his expression of experiences for which I’ve had no words as well as
    fresh ways to SEE….

    Your gifts are so well suited here as with the other beauties.

    Thanx so much…

    Sorry to disappear so often yet my life requires that of me right now…

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