(Moreecheeka)Mirage by Tagore Translated by Ranu

(Moreecheeka) Rabindranath Tagore

I am roaming around anxiously for the smell

that resembles mine.

On a spring night  I cannot find the direction of the southerly wind.

What I want I mistakenly want, what I get I do not desire.

What I am longing for in my heart

comes back to me like a mirage.

I extend my arms to receive it in my heart  but I cannot find it .

What I want I mistakenly want, what I get is not desired by me.

It seems my flute wants to hold on to my music


What I capture does not have my music anymore.

What I want I mistakenly want , What I get I don’t want.


4 thoughts on “(Moreecheeka)Mirage by Tagore Translated by Ranu

  1. This is a state where all desires and aspirations becomes mirage, ones feelings and all emotions becomes estranged, this happens when we lose the sense and the meaning of our life. desires camouflage themselves and look real but turnout something different on realization. We go through such moments in our lives when we find that we are missing that sense of self, and Tagore has beautifully put this :
    “I am roaming around anxiously for the smell that resembles mine”

    Looks a beautuful translation, a search for missing self.

    • Dear Akhtar Bhai,
      When I read your comments,it gives me two different feelings.One I must have done a good job
      translating Tagore’s poems for it seems as if you have read the poem yourself.Secondly you must be an
      educator,your comments clearly gives me that impression. I was tempted to ask Mr. Shafique about you,
      I stopped in my tracks,because it made me feel,if I did that,it would be wrong.I thought I’ll ask you.
      My mind tells me you have a very solid background,to be able to read Tagore through my translation.
      I only started translating when you told me to do it. Throughout my school life I always studied in English
      medium schools.It was my Dad’s idea.He felt children like a building should have a good foundation.I only had
      Bengali as a subject. The amount of Bengali I studied was by reading novels of famous Bengali writers.the most
      famous was Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.
      I read Tagore’s poems sparingly,only the ones I felt had rhythm.Therefore there weren’t that many I chose to read.
      He wrote a few novels. I’ve read them,I didn’t feel they were as good as Sarat Chandra’s.Coming back to my father,
      I was only twelve when he died.From the outset he told us we must know Bengali,we spoke Bengali,the dialect
      of my mother.My father spoke to us in proper Bengali.I guess he thought if we constantly heard him speak,we would
      be in a position to speak proper Bengali when the situation demanded.
      We learned to speak Urdu from the children in the neighbourhood.I wanted to know how to read and write it.My teacher
      in school did not want me to go ahead.I was impatient to finish the books in a few days.Whenever I was stuck,I got my father’s
      help.I was not old enough to wonder where did my father learn Urdu,I just thought,he should know,he is my father and older than me.
      I did not want to bore you with my story.I am extremely thankful for your suggestion to translate the poems.At first I was hesitant
      I didn’t think I could do it,but I was too proud to admit it.I think I have translated forty-five poems of Tagore so far.
      Thank you again for your comment.

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