Stray Birds by Rabindranath Tagore posted by ranu


Her wistful face haunts my dreams

like the rain at night.


Once we dreamt we were


We wake up to find that we were

dear to each other.


Sorrow is hushed into peace in

my heart like the evening among the

silent trees.


Some unseen fingers, like an idle

breeze, are playing upon my heart the

music of the ripples.


“What language is thine,O sea?”

“The language of eternal question.”

“What language is thy answer,O sky?”

“The language of eternal silence.”


The mystery of creation is like the

darkness of night___it is great.

Delusions of knowledge are like the fog

of the morning.


Do not seat your love upon a

precipice because it is high.

(Aagomon) Arrival by Tagore translation by ranu

(Aagomon)  Arrival               Rabindranath Tagore

The evening brought our work to an end__

our doors were shut we expected no one.

Some thought, there will be a visitor,

may be a king or a knight.

We roared in laughter and said no it’s not right.

2. Then we heard a knock on the door__

We then declared, ‘may be it’s the wind.’

The lamps were smothered we lay in bed__

some thought may be ‘it’s an emissary.’

We laughed and voiced, ‘it probably is the wind.’

3. At midnight we heard a strange tune__

drowsily we thought it was the thunder.

Every few moments we felt the earth was trembling___

some of us thought it was the ‘sound of the wheels.’

Still sleeping  we insisted,’it’s thunder.’

4. It was still dark, the sound of the kettle-drum was heard__

someone screamed, ‘,don’t delay wake up everyone.’

We held ourselves and woke up with fright__

some whispered in our ears, ‘we see the king’s image.’

We all woke up and expressed, ‘we cannot delay any longer.’

5. Where is the light,the garland,the preparation!

King is in my country ,where is the throne!

Alas our destiny,the embarrassment__ where is the assembly!

Some whisper in our ears,’this is a useless wail,

welcome him with an empty hand.’

O you all open the doors,blow the conch-shell___

in the middle of the night has come the king of dark homes.

the sound of thunder is heard in space, the lightning flashes,

pull everyone from bed and decorate the compound__

suddenly the king of sorrow has accompanied the storm.