(Aabortaun) Revolving by Tagore Translation by ranu

Note A

Note A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


20120907_1908_into_Upheaval (Photo credit: LarryB08)

(Aabortaun)  Revolving  by Rabindranath Tagore

Perfume wants to mix with scent,

scent wants to latch on to perfume.

The musical note wants to surrender itself to rhythm,

rhythm wants to travel hurriedly to musical note.

Feeling wants to appear as part of beauty,

beauty wants to stay away from feeling.

Infinite wants a close relationship with limit,

limit wants to lose itself in infinite.

Upheaval in creation who knows  whose idea it is,

the continuous movement from feeling to beauty__

the confined are looking for freedom,

freedom is praying for confinement in the home.

6 thoughts on “(Aabortaun) Revolving by Tagore Translation by ranu

  1. Aabortaun, this is marvelous, this is how this universe works and is fashioned, flowing between the polars, contradictions and dicchotomy. Between this lies the beauty , the grace and life, things flow from one extreme to the other in pursuit of finding there meaning. Its like Octave equivalency in music where low and high notes makes a musical harmony and sense.

    This is a beautiful poem and I will bookmark as one of my favorite. Thanks for this wonderful translation.

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