Llanberis,North Wales

Llanberis Lake Llyn Padarn

Llanberis Lake Llyn Padarn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Village (Photo credit: johnnysam)

It is a village in Gwynedd, North Wales lying on the southern banks of Llyn Padarn in Snowdonia.It takes its name from Saint Peris,an early Welsh saint.

The village originally grew around the slate quarrying industry.

We went to Llanberis for teaching practice. We were students of London university, Institute of Education. We all stayed with a Welsh family. It was the month of November and was extremely cold.The village was a very small and attractive place. The landlady’s house was located close to the school where we taught.

We were served breakfast,lunch and dinner by the landlady during the week-end.On week days we had lunch in the school where we taught.

The children were excited to see us,we were from variety of backgrounds.There were Chinese, Malaysian,Pakistanis,Libyans,Americans,Indians, there was a student from Iceland as well.I could never pronounce his name. We were there for two weeks.We had a very pleasant time.

I remember I asked the landlady if I could have milk for breakfast,I was willing to pay for it.I used to collect pennies.One day I noticed I had enough pennies to pay for the milk. I called the lady and paid her for the milk I consumed. She looked at me and then the pennies,had the most beautiful smile on her face and said,”Where has she been singing?” Everyone in the dining room had a good laugh.

English: North Side of Llyn Padarn Thickly woo...

English: North Side of Llyn Padarn Thickly wooded hillside with the Llanberis Lake Railway hugging the shoreline. The railway used to carry slate from the huge Dinorwic Quarry (and other quarries) to Portdinorwic on the Menai Strait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: PYG Track looking towards Llyn Padarn...

English: PYG Track looking towards Llyn Padarn and Llanberis. On the lower part of the PYG Track from Pen-y-pass you can see the village of Llanberis and the lakes Peris and Padarn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

11 thoughts on “Llanberis,North Wales

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this. I have always wanted to travel the world (as I have mentioned before). The area you describe is yet another beautiful area I would love to walk upon. The photographs depict its beauty.

    All good wishes,


    • Hi,thanks Robert,it is really a beautiful place,very little pollution if any,very clean and fresh air.
      Your daughter and your wife will love such a beautiful environment.You really can see the wonders of nature here,
      Am I sounding like I work for the tourist department? It is just my honest and very personal opinion.
      All the best to you.

  2. Lovely description of country side, in my childhood I often visited our village in Sarae Alamgir, which is on the bank of upper Jehlem canal, and it was such a lovely experience every time we milked the huge buffalo .

    • We had never heard of this place.We were told it’s very cold and we should take hot water bottles to keep us warm at night.
      Yes it was cold.But it was so peaceful,and we could walk for miles without being afraid of anything or anyone.
      I’m sure your village was wonderful too! Thanks for visiting.I thought of pulling one from memory lane for my blog.

  3. Dear,

    So you are a writer also in the genre of Memoir…and such a skilled, pure writer at that.

    I hope you do many more from your memory lane. This one was so enjoyable — esp. the
    incident with the pennies…so quotable…so universal an experience.

    Perhaps these are the encounters most of all which lead us all to a more peaceful world.

    The comments by friends above also added to the peaceful interlude of this “visit” with you.

    I am so out of touch with you & others in our little “virtual community” yet I do do look forward to more & more in the weeks ahead.

    Oh, & I did get & read that book you referenced on the NC Doc…when I have more time I’d like to discuss that book/experience with you. I have known others who’ve experienced similar & regardless of what critics say, the overall body of such are impossible for me to dismiss.

    Most of all, I honor you pursuing your gifts in this blog’s manner & urge you to take your writings even further pretty soon. All, in your genuine devotion to prayer and to God, of course…

    • Thank you Connie,I will have to pull some more I think.It was fun to write this one.I remembered the penny incidence with a smile
      I wasn’t really collecting to pay for milk,I happened to have them.Since they seem to be heavier than the other coins,I got rid of them
      first. Thank you again for visiting.

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