March the third month posted by ranu

I have heard the expression,”March comes in like a lion ,goes out like a lamb”, so far I haven’t seen it. This is the ninth and March is quite amiable up to now.Then again there are twenty-two days left and judging from what it’s doing in Uncle Sam’s country.I cannot be too contented yet. Maybe since it didn’t come in like a lion it will go out like a lion. I am already fearful thinking what can happen towards the end of this month.

When I was in Gander,  we had storm after storm in March.I thought it was the worst month in the year. In St. John’s, so far it is actually really good.

The Ides Of March an important event that happened on March 15,44 B.C.

Bust of Julius Caesar from the British Museum

I wanted to find out about the Ides Of  March. Julius Caesar’s bloody assassination on March 15,44 B.C., forever marked March 15, or The Ides Of March as a day of infamy.

“For ancient Romans living before that event,however,an Ides was merely one of several calendar terms used to mark monthly lunar events. The Ides simply marked the appearance of the full moon.

But the ‘Ides Of March’ assumed a whole new identity after the events of 44 B.C. The phrase came to represent a specific day of abrupt change that set off a ripple of repercussions throughout Roman society and beyond.”

By Jennifer Vernon,

National Geographic,March 12,2004