Daily Prompt: Deja Vu Posted by Ranu

Deja Vu from French ,literally “already seen”is the phenomenon of having a strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past. I racked my brain to see if I was exposed to such an experience.The result that comes out time after time is no I didn’t. The only thing that resembles ever so slightly,is once I dreamt a group of people coming up the hill to our house.Next morning sure enough I experienced the same thing.When I think about it,it doesn’t have any similarity that can be called,Deja Vu.

When I read the Daily Prompt,the thought entered my mind is,it sounds like reincarnation.When a person is born again and remembers the events that happened in their life before.Not exactly the same things are repeated but they recognize the people and the place,they had seen before.

I had the experience of a dream about my cat J.D after she died,she was healthy and her coat was beautiful and shiny, of my husband who seemed to be in a hurry and wanted me to go with him .This was also a dream,but it is not what the requirement is. So I might as well be truthful and write, ‘No I did not experience ,Deja Vu.