Crystal Mosque Post By Ranu

Masjid Kristal

Masjid Kristal (Photo credit: irwandy)

English: Cristal Mosque in Kuala Terengganu

English: Cristal Mosque in Kuala Terengganu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Made of Steel,Glass and Crystal.It is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. The construction started in 2006 and was completed in 2008. It is located at Islamic Heritage on the island of Wan Man in Malaysia. It has the capacity to accommodate 1500 worshippers at a time.

There are four minarets in the mosque.

Neebedaun Offering(poem) by Tagore Translated by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I have to give everything__

all my wealth,O Lord,   all my profit__

what my eyes have seen, ears have heard,

my skilful nursing,my visiting often.

My morning and evening in my mind’s vessel.

Will secretly unfold before you.

Right now it’s my lute,it is confined___

when you own it, it will perform your tune.

Your pleasure  delights me in my moment of sadness

make mine yours.

What I got as mine in an auspicious moment

I’ll make them yours  then they’ll be mine.

DP Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation Posted by Ranu

When I go to an Art exhibition, I love viewing all the beautiful pieces of Art before me.I may pay a little more attention if it is someone who is renowned. I go to see art and it is not based on the artist’s life style or political affiliation. Sometimes I try to see how the artist has used colours and learn from it .

When I see an attractive piece of work I’ll buy it if I can afford it. I hope Art is not mixed up with politics,it’ll be a shame if it does.

DP Daily Prompt: Unleash you inner Dickinson Post by Ranu

A  Book      by Ranu

To me this  is a one of a kind  book,

With pages full of mystery

and a challenge to the reader too.

Einherjar are served by Valkyries in Valhöll w...

Einherjar are served by Valkyries in Valhöll while Odin sits upon his throne, flanked by one of his wolves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I learned about magic,

Not the kind where the rabbit

comes out of a hat!

But  to look at the horizon,

And expand your vision

There are masters,disciples

And Valkyries too,

Who will  show a world that you’ve never seen!

So come on and join me

To explore the world of Coelho!

Valkyries Novel by Paulo Coelho (Book Report) (4) Post by Ranu

I didn’t realize how much time and effort one needs to give to write a book report.This one I am doing right now is a bit more complex than any other I’ve done.

I’ve come to the part where Paulo’s master J., has given him a task.He is supposed to break the curse.To do this he has to meet with another master,who lives in the Mohave desert.He is Gene. Although no more than twenty Gene is a very smart person.

Gene was not quite thrilled to see Paulo’s wife .Later on he realizes,he cannot teach Paulo directly.There is an unwritten tradition a master cannot teach another master’s disciple. With this in mind ,he shifts his attention to Chris the wife. He makes her aware of the second mind. Second mind is at work whether the person wants it or not. For an instance one could be busy at work,the second mind would remind the person about a song or something else which has nothing to do with the work this person is doing.Next he tells her to look at the horizon. Gene leaves and tells them he will be back in a couple of days. In the meantime Paulo explains a few things to his wife to increase her knowledge and make sure she is interested. Paulo helps her to expand her vision and see how much change takes place. Chris started to pay attention to things in the distance,she began to notice a lot of things which she normally wouldn’t .

Chris was excited about meeting Gene again. She looked at the horizon and kept her eyes fixed on it whenever possible.It was simple to do this,there was a strange feeling  , she felt better,freer,as if her internal energy had increased.Chris regretted not taking a more intense interest in her husband’s  conspiracy. Rituals were meant for those who were disciplined.She began to feel her soul has grown. Also  knew how to look in the distance and not things close to her only.Even  without wanting to could feel her soul had grown.She felt relaxed and free.

Gene knew Paulo had come in search of his angel. He said everyone can make contact with four different entities in the invisible world: the elementals,the disembodied spirits,the saints and the angels.He described the elementals such as fire,water and air_ we contact them as rituals.The disembodied spirits ,we make contact with them by means of a medium. What they teach us can be learned on earth.By looking at the horizon and take the same wisdom as they did.

Gene’s guardian angel told him in his dream to initiate the woman into the path of magic and let the husband do the rest. After the disembodied spirits come the saints.They are the true masters he said.They lived among us and now they are closer to the lights. All we can do is to initiate them. He said we can invoke them through prayer.Finally he said there are the angels.Angels are made of love.

Paulo realized ,Gene left out the fourth process. The fourth process Paulo said is communicating with the invisible world which is channeling.

To be able to see his angel, Paulo needed help from the Valkyries. He met them at the gas station. One of them was a red-haired haughty woman,she made her presence known by her loud voice.She at once noticed Paulo’s ring and wanted to know where he bought it. Paulo told her the same place where she bought her brooch. Paulo told her ,he wanted to speak to his angel and something else. Valkyrie told him he didn’t know how  to speak with angels, through channeling was the reply.She said that is all he needs to speak with his angel. Paulo told her he needed to see his angel,because he needed help.There are  important things he won , but feels they have lost their meaning.  It is not true and if he destroys them he will  be destroyed.  His master wanted him to break the curse in order to keep his love alive. Paulo needed three things to see the angel; “Break a pact,Accept forgiveness,and Make a bet’.

To be continued!

DP Daily Prompt: Cringe Worthy

Once in the school where I taught the principal  decided to let my colleagues class have Art instead of mine. It was supposed to be the turn of my class.I sent mine on the particular time. Moments later they came back grumbling that the Art teacher sent them back. She was told that the french teacher’s class would have Art instead of mine. I was known as someone who lets everyone walk all over me  and I never say Boo.Mr. Principal was feeling quite comfortable doing this to me yet again. I had in seconds heard my mind saying,’squeaky wheel gets the grease’, I was livid,I wasted no time and arrived in the Principal’s office, this time I was making a case for my thirty children,who always look up to me.


Art (Photo credit: A.Currell)

I told him it was too bad her kids missed Art the previous week. I didn’t think it was  my fault  or my nine year old kids. The Principal had his mouth wide open,what Mrs.Asgar is complaining? Not knowing what to do because I was furious, he told me you can send your kids too. I felt uncomfortable doing what I did,but I couldn’t disappoint my kids. So this is one day I stood my ground.I was embarrassed at my behaviour.

DP Daily Prompt:Your Time To Shine….post by ranu

Early Bird or Night Owl:   I am an early bird.I cannot stay up past ten o clock at night. Every day I wake up by 5:30 in the morning. Sometimes a bit earlier. This is a habit I have from a very early age. When I get up early morning there are a whole slew of things I can accomplish.  My brain works better .I can comprehend a lot faster.

Once my roommate said by going to bed early I am at a disadvantage compared to my other classmates. They study till two in the morning ,they are getting a lot done she said. I tried it for me and at a very poor time. I had my final year exams in the university. I chose to stay up till 1:30 am. When I went to do the exam,I felt sick.I almost thought I will never make it. I gathered all of my will power and promised myself it would be the last time I’ll do such a thing. I was lucky I passed.

So I’m an early bird and doing quite well maintaining it.

Dhoola Mandir Dusty Temple (Poem) by Tagore Translated by Ranu

Leave worship prayer adoration.

Why are you sitting in the  closed  corner!


Deity (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

Hiding in the dark what are you doing

who are you secretly worshipping,

Open your eyes look__ the deity is not in your room.

He has gone where the farmers are plowing__

the place where the rocks are broken to build roads all year!

In the blazing sun,exhausted ,he is with them all,

his hands are covered with dust___

like him you should change and join us.

Freedom? where can you be free,where is freedom!

The Lord is confined with his creation.

stop meditating,leave your flower basket,

let the clothes tear, let the dust cover you__

let’s work with the deity and perspire together.

DP Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall Post by Ranu

My wall in the bedroom depicts our bygone days,

our looks,  happy and sad,

happy that we are still young and lots to look for ,

my wall reminds me about my pictures on the wall,

my youngest hungry and unhappy,

I couldn’t instantly give her food.

To her that’s what life meant,eating and playing,

not sitting in front of a camera waiting to

be photographed by an unknown.

How did I feel,embarrassed I couldn’t find

anything to satisfy a two year old ,

who didn’t understand the meaning of

person,place or thing.

There they are from young to grown up,

perhaps they may not remember those days,

to me those were the days when we were happy,

we were together.

I look at those pictures and think about the days

when we could spend time together.

Now they are only memories of days gone by,

still priceless!

Valkyries(3) Novel by Paulo Coelho Book Report By Ranu

Paulo and his wife drove from Los Angeles airport to their destination.Paulo was driving and his wife was giving the direction.After driving for several hours they reached Borrego Springs. They checked in at a hotel and went out for dinner.They then wandered out into the Mohave desert.It was an enormous desert. Paulo wanted to get the feel of it and breathe in  the air of Mohave.

Borrego Springs, California

Borrego Springs, California (Photo credit: renedrivers)

Paulo and his wife Chris talked about Angels.Paulo always felt they were watched by Angels.Gods Messengers.He said the universe is populated with angels.They give us hope. J. told him they take whatever form a person imagines they have. Paulo imagined his angel.He already immersed himself in the invisible world. Since J. had assigned him the task,he felt the presence of his angel much more.

The hotel watchman discouraged them to go to the desert at night.It’s dangerous because  the coyotes  and the snakes come out at night.Paulo was waiting to meet his contact early morning.

Paulo’s contact Gene was a man in his twenties.He lived in a trailer several miles from Borrego Springs. The young man talked about the rituals of the Templars, about reincarnation,about Sufi magic,the Catholic Church in Latin America.He knew a lot. Gene was curious why Paulo brought his wife. He thought it would be better if he came alone.

Paulo asked Gene about the Valkyries .Gene said they are jealous and tough. They follow the same rules as the angels.Gene left and told Paulo,he will come back in two days. Chris asked Paulo about Gene.He said his father is a Magus .He wants Gene to maintain the family tradition.

To be continued !