Taal Gaach, The Palmyra Tree by Tagore Translation by Ranu

Palmyra Toddy

Palmyra Toddy (Photo credit: lakpuratravels)

Palmyra tree       standing on one leg

surpassing  trees

peeks at the sky.

Its desire            to pierce through the black clouds,

fly away__

where will it find  wings.

This is why       on top of its head

in its round leaves

it gets its wish

it thinks           these are  wings,

it’s not prohibited to fly

leaving its home.

All day              tottering sound is heard

the leaves tremble,

it thinks it’s flying_

it feels           it will  travel  the sky

avoid the stars

as if  going somewhere.

Afterwards    when the breeze comes to a halt,

the leaves stop trembling,

it comes back to reality__

the earth is its mother,

feels good once again

to see      the corner of the universe.!

DP Daily Prompt: The Social Work Posted by Ranu

I am not that much involved in social work.The times that I take part is when a family member,a friend or my colleagues want me to participate.It can be organizing a religious event , e.g. we have yearly events such as ,”Eid ul Fitr” after a month long fasting. We organize by deciding what sort of food we can take,and the organizers assign certain food to be cooked by the volunteers. This is one kind of social activity where I participate in. Also there are birthdays and other social events where we gather,take a present for the person whose birthday it is.

English: Eid Ul-Fitr meal

English: Eid Ul-Fitr meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another totally different thing I take part in is,I have joined the on-line course,where we study about an important person.It is a weekly course we are given an excerpt via email.We read it and answer the question given to us.In this we discuss comments written by the participants and interact with each other this way.

The third thing I spend a lot of time is blogging. I have done some translations of Tagore’s poetry. Other bloggers who like it, write their comment and I give my reply.I like this one I get to interact with my friends frequently.