DP Daily Prompt:Prized Possession Posted by Ranu

My Prized Possession: It was not anything extremely expensive. It was a bright yellow,’Tennis Ball’. I was very fond of it. This is how I got my favourite tennis ball. As a child I loved playing outdoors. On one such occasion,I saw some children were playing with a tennis ball. Something about it attracted my attention, I wanted one just like it.That day I waited anxiously for my Dad to come home.He barely came inside the house,I told him, ‘I want a tennis ball’. My Dad looked at me,gave me the sweetest smile one can imagine,turned around and was out of the door.I cannot recall how long it took for him to come back.All I know is,he came back with four of them. I was excited,I took the ball meant for me and went out immediately.I looked for the kids who were playing with theirs. I started bouncing it and also showed them I have one too,mine is brand new.They didn’t care, they kept playing their game. The next few days for me was ,’I have a piece of heaven in my hands,it’s mine and I will take care of it till the end of time’.

English: Tennis ball

English: Tennis ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suddenly the day came when I had to part with it.There was a bully in our neighbourhood,he enjoyed teasing kids. I was playing with my ball,he said,’You love your ball,do you, let me see what happens if I take it away from you’. I don’t know what happened to me,I was furious,immediately I challenged him,this was all it took for him to carry out his threat.He snatched it from me and said,’here goes your precious ball’. He threw it ,I saw my ball up in the air and then disappeared. I came home crying,my Dad told me,he will buy another one.I did not want a replacement,I wanted the same one.My ball was gone,I thought in my mind I will try not to get so much attached to anything.

In this world everything is temporary,I am here for a short while.I should therefore enjoy my stay here as much as I can and forget about attachments.