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View of St. John's, Newfoundland, from Signal Hill

View of St. John’s, Newfoundland, from Signal Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all those months of blizzard,freezing rain and lots of it. We in St.John’s look forward to sunny warm days. Visiting different parks,going for walks to signal hill,cooking outside,barbecuing,these are all the fun things,we can enjoy in Summer.We no longer have to turn up the heat, deal with short days,and freezing cold.We can wear clothes without the big Parka which makes us look like a bear.

Flag of St. John's

Flag of St. John’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer is the most wonderful season here.It doesn’t get hot like Chicago. We can see our neighbours and watch the little kids on their way to the playgrounds.Suddenly it seems the city is awake!

I also like it because there’s no fear of flights getting cancelled, for inclement weather.It gives us a lot of freedom to enjoy without fear,that it’s too cold,too stormy or something else.

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shalwar_kameez-olivegreen1-001 (Photo credit: snowfoxcreations✿)



Yeah,I said I am in college now. It was a co-ed. college. My classmates stared at me,like I was someone who dropped from the sky without notice.Actually I didn’t study in any of the schools they went.The question in everyone’s mind was, who is she,where did she come from,can she speak Bengali,why is she taking Urdu,instead of Bengali? I said, ‘wait, I will answer all your questions.’ It irked them because I wore Shalwar Kameez and not a Sari. It’s all changed now,every Jill,Mary and Penelope wear nothing but Shalwar Kameez.My how the times have changed.

I started my classes in Victoria College,Comilla. I liked all the teachers,at least they didn’t have a whole bunch of questions about me.I found the Urdu class the most difficult.I found the atmosphere tense.I was the only girl in this class,the rest,you guessed it,were boys.I was so nervous,I hardly spoke.One day the teacher asked me a question,the boys were all ears,waiting for my reply.One of them said out loud,’Yeh bol sakti hai.'( she can speak).The teacher kept quiet,pretended he didn’t hear it.The two years in that college proved very uncomfortable.I told my sister I wanted to continue my studies in Dhaka.My sister suggested to take admission in the university.I declined,it would mean co-education again and I heard the boys were much more difficult to deal with than the local college I went to. I told her,no I want to go to a girls college.Okay she said if I didn’t do honours in under- grad,there will be a lot of hurdles to overcome.I wasn’t old enough to know the difference,so I got admission In ‘Holy Cross College.’

To be continued!

Aleph a novel by Paulo Coehlo….post by Ranu

Paulo Coelho the famous author of ,’Alchemist’ has written another interesting one.The title of this one is ‘Aleph’.I started reading it two days ago,this is another one I feel I must finish reading, before I pick up another book. It has everything I like reading i.e  travels,religion,interesting people and day to day complexities of life.I read almost half of the book.I am planning to write a review after I finish reading it.


Aleph (Photo credit: Tiemen Rapati)