Napowrimo ‘All About Translation’ post by Ranu

I told Tagore,’I translated your poem  it doesn’t make sense’.

The English words are hard to find.

So   I left it as a draft you know .

Along came my daughter Selina,

I let her read the translation,

She looked at me with a question mark,

I don’t know Mom,this much I can say,

You cannot translate all his poems.

But remember this much I will say,

Can you translate, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ in Bengali?

I got my answer  I think,

and left the translation  as a “DRAFT”!

6 thoughts on “Napowrimo ‘All About Translation’ post by Ranu

  1. I just imagined what Tagore said:
    “You are a gift translator and seeker of truth, my poetry goes beyond words and rhymes, it shines like a sun on the horizon, as all in the nature absorb the light and energy of sun according to their needs and purpose, so is my poetry it transcends beyond what lies in the lines, words and the spaces.”
    “your draft is what my poetry best can express itself at this point of time”

    • Thank you Akhtar Bhai.I couldn’t have said it any better.
      There comes a time I begin to doubt myself for taking on such a huge task.
      I just don’t want to look ridiculous.As long as I have support behind me,I probably
      can carry on.Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thank you so much. I marvel at God’s creation.He has given so much wisdom to a chosen few.He knows they will be able to spread wisdom in His Universe!

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