DP NaPoWriMo Post by ranu

There once was a beautiful lady,

She came to my abode daily.

Though I did not know

why she would always come,

I always treated her kindly.

Then one gloomy morning

she came and said oh my dear,

Can I borrow some money

I looked at her inquiringly

and said deliberately

why would you borrow

when you have no sorrow

my dear beautiful lady!

DP Daily Prompt: Miliion Dollar Question posted by Ranu

Why Do you blog?  Blogging has taught me a lot.At first I wanted to see how it’s done.I did some research on various communities.This is something I wouldn’t have done.I learned from this. I enjoy Writing about my school days.I started to translate poems of Tagore,which I wouldn’t have done.The Daily Post is also encouraging me to keep on blogging.The topics are interesting and challenging. I love this part.I constantly think what to do next.These are some of the reasons I blog.Otherwise I would be bored,watch hideous T.V shows,to keep busy.This way I am using my brain wisely.