Raungo Witchcraft by Tagore Translation by Ranu

This is a poem of Tagore which shows him using words that are funny as well as satirical.You may view it differently.

This is how it begins:

This is quite a spell, quite a spell it is__

Show me four different sweets I will then go with you.

Sweet cheese,sweet tortuous folds,sweet red petal leaf,

sweeter than them, a daughter’s soft blow.

This is so enchanting, such a funny joke__

if you can display four white things    I will proceed with you.

White cheese,white butter, white sweet meat,

surpassing all  that will be your clear scolding speech.

Extremely colorful  is your jugglery,  colorful I must say__

reveal four incompatible items  I will then walk with you.

മലയാളം: പാവക്ക

മലയാളം: പാവക്ക (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

bitter melon, bitter wick, bitter juice of neem tree,

overshadowing all   is your bitter  unspoken  speech.

It is so magical, and so much fun__

exhibit four harsh realities and I will travel with you.

Iron , thunder bolt, the bottom of untanned leather shoe,

even more difficult is to visit your parent’s home.

It is such a funny witchcraft,  a funny witchcraft it is__

disclose four untruths  I will surely walk with you.

Magical tricks, a ghost sneezing, fake glass emerald,

better yet will  be your crocodile tears.

5 thoughts on “Raungo Witchcraft by Tagore Translation by Ranu

  1. Such a satirical work, one that shows that the real world, the real reality, the real pleasure, the real pain and the real act always lies with man and not with the things that can be tricked by the magician and the illusionists. The human traits are the measure and defining characteristic whether its daughter’s soft blow or a person’s fakeness which we wrongly attribute to clumsy crocodiles. :)
    A unique one this is.

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