Valkyries (2) Novel by Paulo Coelho Post by Ranu

J. : Paulo’s master.

Chris : Paulo’s wife

Gene : a man in his twentys

J. and Paulo understand each other well. J. the master and Paulo the disciple have a good relationship. At times the disciple is surprised when the master talks about worldly things.When the master admitted women were important to him.In reply to this Paulo said” I used to imagine great masters as people who were far removed from the world.”

J. told his disciple,he was like a river,which has run down to the sea ,he knows its wisdom.He has died and reborn many times,all he has to do is remember. J. told Paulo to break the curse. The task J. said : ” It’s for love. For victory . And for the glory of God”.

J. had to leave Rio,he was happy about the contract he negotiated for the Dutch multinational.Before boarding J. wrote something on a napkin and handed it to Paulo. Thinking it to be a magic formula, he picked up the napkin.It was a verse from a poem. J. told his disciple, During the last century,a man wrote a poem .It’s been true for many generations.”

The following is the verse:

And each man kills the thing he loves,

By all let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword.

Paulo read and could not stop looking at the words. Paulo realized he has destroyed what he loved.His dreams fell apart when he was about to achieve them.He thought this is something that happens to everyone.J. repeated the task was’ to break the curse’.

Next Coelho meets Gene the young man recommended by J.

To be continued!

3 thoughts on “Valkyries (2) Novel by Paulo Coelho Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    The Wilde verse is lovely. May we all not kill the one we love, and thus not be the living dead.

    All good wishes,


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