DP Daily Prompt: Place Post by Ranu

Place is the word that came to me.It can mean a particular portion of space, it can be a situation, or a city town,village,neighbourhood,street, room or outdoor building, or role,position or function,a point reached in a book,or duties or entitlements in office, or a place in a race e.g first ,second ,third,fourth,or a last place,place an order, put a person in his place,imagine myself in my friend’s place to understand how she feels.

My friend was having a rough time in her life.Her children were not behaving. She wasn’t getting any help from her husband. Her whole house was in disarray.She told me how difficult her life was. When she asked me if I could give her some advice how to deal with this terrible situation. I did not think much,I said this is easy, discipline the kids,tell your husband to help you.I solved the problem within minutes. She was stunned to hear my answer,as if it can be done in minutes. I could see she was annoyed to hear what I had to say. She looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Ranu, put yourself in my place and tell me how you are going to solve this.” I was speechless!