Live and Learn And Pass It On by H.Jackson Brown,JR. post by Ranu

The following is a collection of views by various people. Mr. Brown has put them together in a book.I will share some of them with all my friends at WordPress:

I’ve learned that home is the best place where we

grumble the most and are loved the best.   ___Age 89

Traffic light in Munich, Germany, showing a sp...

Traffic light in Munich, Germany, showing a special bus signal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve learned that first graders are the only ones

who think it’s neat when their teeth fall out.___Age 25

I’ve learned that you should never put off saying,

“I love you,” in any relationship as long as you

sincerely mean it.Otherwise, you may spend the

rest of your life regretting it. __   Age 19

I’ve learned that  when the traffic signal light says

“walk,” I’d better run.   ____Age 57

I’ve learned that of all the bad four- letter words,

DIET is the worst.___  Age 54

I’ve learned that if either of

your parents are angry,don’t

__ and I repeat don’t __ ask for

money.                                  __ Age 10

DP Daily Prompt: The Interview ( My favourite fictional character) post by Ranu

Portrait of Roald Dahl,1954 Apr. 20

Portrait of Roald Dahl,1954 Apr. 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have chosen my favourite fictional character from  Roald Dahl’s book,”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, It is a story book for children. I taught in a school in Gander. I looked for ways and means to get the kids interested to read. This was a book I and the kids in my class enjoyed very much. I read the book several times and played the role of the characters as I read the story. The kids loved it and were soon running to the library to get the book.

The main character is Charlie Bucket,he is a skinny little boy who never had enough to eat,his family was extremely poor. Charlie loved chocolate. His father bought one bar for him every year as his birthday present. He ate little bit once a day so it could last him a long time. Willy Wonka was the owner of the famous chocolate factory. He thought of holding a competition ,in it there were five golden tickets wrapped on chocolate bars. Anyone who found one would qualify to visit his factory. The five tickets were scattered in different countries. One by one the tickets were found,there was only one left. Charlie was hoping he could find the last ticket.

My fictional character is Charlie Bucket,he is the main character in the story.

Ranu:  Hi Charlie, how are you?

Charlie: I am quite well thank you.

Ranu: I want to ask you a few questions,is it all right? By the way I am Ranu,I am a blogger from WordPress.

Charlie: Sure, Ranu,  What’s on your mind?

Ranu:  How did you feel,when you knew there was only one golden ticket left?

Charlie: I was disappointed,I did not think I am lucky enough to find the last one.

Ranu: What did you do?

Charlie: I was walking on the road one cold morning,I noticed something on the pavement.I picked it up, it was a one pound bill.I was ecstatic.I went to the nearest store and bought two chocolate bars.

Ranu: Did you eat the bars immediately?

Charlie: No,I stood in the store and slowly opened the first bar.

Ranu: Was the golden ticket there?

Charlie: No, it wasn’t.

Ranu: How did you feel?

Charlie: I was disappointed.

Ranu: Did you open the second bar?

Charlie:  I thought for a while,then hoped maybe God would be kind.

Ranu: Did you decide to open the second bar, to try your luck?

Chocolate:  Oh Yes, I did ,and do you know what I found the golden ticket,I ran home,I told my grand parents and my Mom And Dad.

Ranu : Who went with you?

Charlie: My dearest Grandpa Joe.

Ranu: Did you have fun?

Charlie: It is something I will never forget!

Ranu: Thank you Charlie, for answering my questions,all the best to you,your parents and your grandparents.Good bye!

Charlie: Good bye!