DP Daily Prompt: Helping Hand Post by Ranu

This experience takes place in Makkah. My husband,his cousin,  his family and I were travelling on the bus. The bus driver was supposed to take us to  Muzdalifa where we were supposed to spend the night and come back to Makkah,the following morning. Suddenly the driver stopped and told us to get off. We had no idea where we were. My husband’s cousin,knew a few words of Arabic,he tried to explain,we won’t find our way.It was dark and deserted. The driver kept yelling and told us to get off. Miraculously someone showed up,he was an Egyptian. He had a heated dialogue with the driver and was able to convince him to drop us off at the taxi stand. To be sure he boarded the bus with us. We all got off to hire a cab.The nice man called a cab driver, told him in Arabic to drop us off  in Muzdalifa. We thanked him and got in the cab. We reached our destination safely. I will always remember this.

Tunnel from Makkah

Tunnel from Makkah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Helping Hand Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. Thank God for those kind people that show up in our lives.

    All good wishes,


    • I know,the bus driver was so mean,he kept yelling at us in Arabic.We understood by his actions that he wasn’t going any further.
      If the Egyptian hadn’t shown up when he did,we wouldn’t know what to do.Yes thank God.And thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us dear Ranu! Wow, may God reward him for his kindness and great efforts, that’s absolutely amazing!

  3. When strangers lend us a helping hand, where there is no obligation nor any expectation of reward-these are the moments that give us hope. Beautiful story, well worth remembering.

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