DP Daily Prompt: Goals Post by Ranu

I  became interested to be a blogger after I read a friend’s blog. I did not plan anything,I wrote whatever came to my mind. I got some good ideas from another friend.This got me going for a while. I was running out of topics for my blog.Then came the advice to translate Tagore’s poems. At first I had some rocky roads to climb. I have always listened and loved Tagore’s songs.His poems,there were a few I memorized and found a lot of pleasure reciting them, off and on. To translate his poems to me was not an easy job to take on.I felt what’s the harm,if I get stuck,I’ll give up this idea altogether. Amazingly enough my friends loved my translation.The comments I received were very encouraging. I am still translating them.

I did not have a goal in mind. I noticed I was actually having fun blogging. I have a few followers and they religiously follow my blogs. Now with Daily Prompt I’m in a position to write about various subjects.There are a few I get out from my memory bank.it gives me a lot of incentive to keep on writing.

I am not sure of my achievements,this much is true. I am getting better at translating Tagore’s poems.I am using my brain to think of challenging topics to keep it interesting for me and my followers. I have started reading a lot.The books I bought before with the intention of reading are not collecting dust any more,I’m actually reading them.This is one achievement of mine  I am proud of.

I don’t waste my time watching TV to get rid of boredom.  I conclude by saying,blogging has opened up my horizon. I am thankful I am busy. My time is occupied by reading blogging and more reading.There is no room for the devil to make it his workshop,simply because my brain is not idle!

18 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Goals Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this.

    You’re right; an idle mind can become quite the playground.

    Your giftings of Tagore, through your translations here, are a blessing to us all.

    All good wishes,


  2. well if you feel writing blog’s keep busy ..this is good for you
    i never have read T poem’s (i will) ..to understand your point .
    translated some word’s is good too (or you mean the meaning of the comment’s ?
    about religion (really this make me change my opinion ) if some one is fanatic with what he/her believed ..
    i don’t know your religion AND i don’t want to know is your’s ..so to write something in blog or every where in Internet site’s have to be very connect with soul ..or logic (if is academic ) or knew ed very good the situation if is politice
    my comment ALL WAYS ARE UP WHAT I READ. (i like or not ) this is to my positive or negative opinion.
    thank you

  3. Dearest Ranu, Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s great to know that your books are no longer collecting dust and at the same time you are sharing valuable information with us! Blogging is indeed far better then watching TV! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  4. This is a very fine post one that shows how personal self development can be attained by us through hard work, dedication and perseverance. The model that you have shown here is very helpful and the rapid advancement in your skills that we have seen here are testimony this. I see a self development Guru rising from these post.

    • Thank you very much,Akhtar Bhai.With the encouragement of all my friends,I probably will be able to accomplish a lot.
      So please keep encouraging me with your valuable comments.
      With best wishes to you and all my thanks.

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