DP Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight Post by Ranu

Many  times I had confrontation with people.I always opted to head for the hills. Though it made me angry.I’d wait for  next time. I was very outspoken at home,I never let my siblings get away  with anything. My mom disliked this side of me. She’d warn me,’Now Ranu  perhaps it’s all right to be confrontational with your siblings,I fear you may do the same thing outside’. I don’t know what those words,did to me,whenever someone was mean, I tried to tell them off,but it seemed the words were stuck in my throat.

Then came a day when I just lost it. There happens to be a busy body in my town. He always boasts about his kids,how well they’re doing and keeps on beating his drum. I thought it’s okay,he has a right to do so. Suddenly he changed the subject,he started picking on my  kids,one day he said ,Selina will never get a permanent job. If he said it to me I definitely would not look the other way. He had the audacity to say this to her,in front of several people. Selina was unhappy,she told me what he’d done. I was so angry I immediately picked up the phone to tell him a thing or two. He was not at home,I left a message to call me. Next morning , I waited till nine in the morning. I called him and I did not hold back,words came pouring out of my mouth, I was surprised . When I finished, I warned him not to repeat this atrocious behaviour .

Finally I was relieved I did not look the other way. I can see my Mom staring at me and saying, ‘Ranu ,you didn’t do the right thing.’

11 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Conflict resolution is often a challenging art.

    All good wishes,


    • Sometimes in your life you meet people who try to take advantage when you do not fight back.It has happened to me more than I care to count.This guy is a person who rubs you the wrong way.Once his wife invited us for lunch,he said,” You should come every day to eat,my wife cooks daily”. My husband stayed quiet,when we came home,I told my husband,”Did you realize what he said,as if we don’t have food at home?” He said he did,but it is useless to argue with him.

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