Sriti Reminiscence poem by Tagore translation by Ranu


Moonlight (Photo credit: eivindtjohei)

That body reminds me of

so many memories of past life.

Thousands of hidden pleasure reflected in those eyes,

as if they are  songs of birth and rebirth.

My  absent-mindedness,

my everlasting pleasure and pain,

how many flower gardens of the earth,

countless moon- lit nights.

several days of pain and separation,

various nights of love and shame___

that very laughter  the tears the discourse

presented itself today in a sweet image.

By looking at you constantly makes me feel

as if life is fading away in the distance.

9 thoughts on “Sriti Reminiscence poem by Tagore translation by Ranu

  1. The past, present and future are but a reminder that I was, I am and I will be. The body reminds of the past but everything around shows the majesty of present only looking at you shows the prospectus that there is a future.

    • Yes this one was interesting and at times not so easy to understand. I translated it and felt by writing it one line at a time was helping me
      to understand his poem better.
      Thank you Akhtar Bhai.

    • Thank you,I am thankful you are able to see it so clearly.When I read it I got lost in the world he portrayed and came out with all sorts of questions.Sometimes his poetic vocabulary confuses me.Then again it is Tagore I am dealing with,how can I expect it to be simple.When I compare Iqbal and Tagore I find Iqbal’s writing more complex.

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