DP Daily Prompt: The Normal Post by Ranu

I checked the dictionary,to find out what is their definition of “Normal”, well surprise,surprise,it says physically or mentally sound. What it means to me,I do not think I’m quite sure.A good thing or a bad thing,depends on who the judge is.

Let me think about physically sound first. It is not easy to know about physical fitness. I maybe fit today,tomorrow I’d find out just the opposite. I heard about a young man,sound bodily, suddenly collapses and lands in the ‘ICU’. So one cannot decide by looking at a person,he/she is sound physically. There have been cases when patients have been sent home with a clean bill of health. Moments later the person is back on the stretcher wheeled hastily to ‘OR’,this is about physical health.

Next is mental health,it is much more complex than the one I just wrote about. We hear about serial killers,outwardly the neighbors see nothing wrong,he is as normal as anyone else. Delve further you find ,he/she is responsible for countless murders.How can it be, he was photographed with the Reagans. There is something wrong with this news.No there isn’t, we overlooked it.

My conclusion is, the word,’Normal’ is not easy to write about. So I leave it to the readers to decide,if they can distinguish between normal and abnormal.I certainly cannot.

15 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: The Normal Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this interesting post.

    I agree that “normal” is not easy to define.

    The definer determines it, and so the world’s “normal” may not be the “normal” which all of us wish to follow. If the world’s “normal” is, for instance, not balanced, then, by following it, one might be “normal” to the world, but quite imbalanced nonetheless.

    May sanity prevail!

    Thank you again.

    All good wishes,


  2. Oh Robert I forgot to mention there is a beautiful song of Tagore,and a dance by someone to go with it . I have not translated it yet. I’ll post the song without the translation, I will translate it if you want.

    • Dear Ranu,

      Yes, the topic of “normal” and how one may evolve to a new “normal” is interesting and of great importance. In my estimation, it cuts right to the core of how to operate more freely outside of social conditioning.

      We would all benefit from your translation of Tagore.

      All good wishes,


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  4. Dear Chaman,

    Thank you for this wonderful post. You are absolutely right, it isn’t something one can define and that goes for a lot of things in this world, as everything depends on one’s perception! In the same manner, we tend to create gaps amongst ourselves: as we perceive other’s as being different or wrong – based on personal perceptions and understanding. Which makes me wonder, would it be fair to say that due to our own perceptions/thoughts and perhaps ignorance, we might fail to grasp ‘what IS’ and does our definitions stand between us and the Absolute Truth?

    Much love,

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