DP Daily Prompt: Bookworm Post by ranu

The Kite Runner (film)

The Kite Runner (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last book I read was Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”. I selected it after reading the author’s two previous books,’A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and ,”And The Mountains Echoed”.

After reading his previous books,I knew I would like ,’The Kite Runner’ as well. I was not disappointed. I started reading the book immediately after my daughter bought the copy for me.I enjoyed reading about the kite flying competition.It brought back memories of my childhood.I loved watching my brothers flying the kite that they themselves put together.

At one point there was an incidence in the book,it made me stop and think,whether I wanted to continue. Something in me made me stick to it and carry on.

The story of two young kids,coming from a completely different background becoming good friends fascinated me. As I continued to read I began to understand how cruel human nature can be.Hosseini did such a wonderful job of portraying it. I instantly felt the human drama unfolding  right before me.I was no longer the person reading a story,but I was really watching these two young boys in person.

The story was more interesting when the boys grew up and one of them had a son.The father was killed. The son was sent to an orphanage.This is where his father’s friend,put his life in jeopardy to rescue his friend’s son. There were moments when it seemed the friend would not come out alive, but his sheer determination and his belief in the almighty,helped him to be successful.

I loved the book,it makes one relive certain things that happen in real life. The cruelty of one human being against another,just because of his status,his wealth and power has enabled him to carry on his evil ways. In the end, truth always triumphs.I would recommend everyone to read it.