DP Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump Post by Ranu

The biggest risk I’d like to take is enroll  in the P.hd program. I could not before,there was the financial situation,the age of the children and a not so healthy husband. Now that all these things are not a hindrance,I have lost my focus.

I don’t really know what has to happen to take the risk. Perhaps nothing. Then again if some well-known Sufi, such as Jalal-din Rumi,shows up in my dream and advises me to do so. I will gladly “JUMP” ,but that will never happen.Therefore I’ll never register in the course.

11 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. I too think about getting enrolled in school again (for me, it would be a master’s degree). Perhaps I’ll do it. Perhaps not.

    Like you say, perhaps a notable figure will advise “jump!” Until then, who knows?

    All good wishes,


  2. Dearest Ranu,

    Even I’m thinking about pursuing my PhD in the near future. However, I feel it’s definitely something you should do.. Especially when you receive guidance in your dreams! That doesn’t happen for no reason, you are very blessed Masha’Allah. Perhaps it would be an idea to perform istikhara? And then wait what the answer will be, when Allah swt gives you a green signal (and His angels and mystics He sent forth), then you should jump without any hesitation. Everything will be taken care of, all you need to do is take that step, which at the same time shows your complete faith and trust. Maybe you are meant to inspire more individuals through your PhD and share something important. Don’t let this opportunity slip out of your hands.. This life is just a dream and time is but an illusion, just go for it without thinking much, if it’s His Will then it will definitely happen in a perfect manner.

    Much love,

    • Oh my I just noticed you said “if a Sufi saint will appear in your dreams” I actually assumed a Sufi saint appeared in your dream haha. I’m so sorry! I’d still advice you to do istikhara though and about the dreams, when you say it will never happen you create a block through your subconscious mind, preventing it from actually happening (since you doubt it). So be open to it! Anything is possible 🙂

      • No dear Shaidi,
        I am not that lucky,but I am contented with myself. I just want to stick to the online course,it keeps me busy.
        Before I started the course,I knew nothing about Iqbal ,now I know a few things.I have made some good friends
        through this and blogging.I guess I should be satisfied.
        Thank you.

    • Thank you Shaidi,for me my time came and is gone.When I had the opportunity everything else was out of place.Now I don’t think I have it in me to pursue serious studies.I know Istikhara is good if one wants an answer.I on the other hand know what I want to do.I had to write this for daily prompt,I couldn’t think of anything else.I really appreciate what you’ve written.
      You are a good friend,I’m thankful to God.
      With love and best wishes to you.

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