Nazrul Geeti ,on a rainy night post and translation by Ranu

Kazi Nazrul Islam, the revolutionary Bengali M...

Kazi Nazrul Islam, the revolutionary Bengali Muslim who is now the National Poet of Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If on a rainy night

you remember me,

there is a storm outside

and tears in your eyes.

Erase my name from your memory,

just like a dream of one night.

The garland you strung together

throw it on the street.

The eastern wind will blow,

in the remote deep forest.

You will be alone,

looking from the window.

The lonely cuckoo will sing

on the branch of the tree.

From the bank of the Jumna,

You will hear someone calling.

The flash of lightning,

will look for you my dear.

Cover your eyes with both hands,

if it is filled with tears.

Singer— Ferdous Ara Bangladesh,Lyrics by Kazi Nazrul Islam( poet of Bengal)

6 thoughts on “Nazrul Geeti ,on a rainy night post and translation by Ranu

  1. Always wanted to see something about him from you as always admired him as great poet of Bengali language, and this is such a wonderful song full of lovely words, rhythms, a landscape and a touching sensibility.

    • To be completely honest,the song sounded much better in a male voice,but they were from kolkata,Ferdous however is from Bangladesh.
      So I chose her.I am happy to know you liked it. There are a lot of songs by Nazrul Islam. There are women who have specialized in Nazrul
      Geeti. One of the famous one is Firoza Begum.She is really good.Thank you for your comment.

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