DP Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha Post by Ranu

English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl

English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When parents give us nick names,they forget one thing i.e we all grow up and the name becomes a cause of embarrassment in some cases.

Take the case of my brother Rafique,he is more than grown up now. If some one close to him calls him “Baby” in a public place like an airport,it is quite embarrassing.

Once we were at the airport waiting for our flight,one of the attendants, was calling our names,we went one at a time.Then he called,”Baby” my youngest brother,he was not given a name at that point. We all told Rafique, his nick name is ‘Baby’ that the attendant was calling him,he reluctantly stood up and complained that Dad,should not have written his nick name.He walked over to the desk.Flabbergasted the attendant, sized him up head to foot and blurted out,”Are you sure you are a Baby?” There we were laughing like lunatics. He warned us he will get us some day.That day has not arrived, perhaps it never will!

We did not let Rafique forget it.

Online Exhibition Painting with Music by Bangladesh Artists posted by ranu

Tagore Song    Translation by Ranu

I will sing for you.

This is why you keep me awake.

O spoiler of sleep,

I will sing for you.

This is why you startle me by your call.

O distressed one,I will sing for you.

Darkness is enclosing,

the bird is back in its nest.

The boat is ashore,

only my heart cannot rest.

In the midst of my work,

you did not let my weeping stop.

After touching me and

filling my heart with sweetness,

you move away,

I know you watch my pain secretly.

O distressed one,

I will sing for you.

This post is specially for Akhtar Bhai, Khurram Bhai,Robert, Shaidi and all the others who continuously encourage me. Thank you.